The Therapy Journals of the Fat-Headed Klingon Woman

One woman's journey to becoming Her True Self

So Far, So Good! January 6, 2017

Hello, all!  Well, one week into 2017.  How’s it looking?  Things are ok in general, I think.  We got some rare winter weather here, which basically means the roads are like a skating rink after dark.  I was on my way home from work a minute ago, didn’t realize how slick it was, lost control and slammed sideways into a curb on the right side.  Scuffed both my rims pretty good, but if there was any tire damage I couldn’t tell it.  SIGH!!


I’m pretty concerned for my children.  They decided it was a good day to go to the movies.  And when they got out of the movies they found it necessary to stop by Wal-Mart for a minute.  This is disconcerting.  I hope and pray Daughter S. doesn’t have any trouble driving.  If she kills her car she is going to be distraught.  Daughter J. already doesn’t have a car.  She ran her engine out of oil some time ago and has been riding the Mom Taxi ever since.  SIGH again!!


So in my last post I talked about goals and projects for the new year.  You know, like everyone does.  I didn’t really outline any major plans at that time, but I thought I would share the ones that I came up with after I posted.  In 2017 I am working on the following:

1: Every day I am going to do some form of purposeful exercise, even if it’s tiny. It may be 20 pushups, or 50 leg lifts, or even just lying in the floor breathing from my abdomen with a heavy book on my stomach (a voice lessons thing).  Someday I may feel like doing something more substantial, but for right now that is all I can muster.

2: Every day I am going to drink at least a gallon of water.  I started that the day after Christmas and I have done well.  It definitely seemed to have a positive effect on my Weight Watchers efforts.  My inspiration was something like this:


3:  Every day I am going to take one item, no matter how large or small, from my garage to the trash.  I can’t tackle my garage all in one day.  It’s just a given.  Sometimes I come home from work on Saturday and feel like working on it, and I’ll open the garage door, start dragging things out into the driveway, attempting to sort and organize and cull… and after a few hours my energy disappears and all have done is rearrange the chairs on the Titanic, and I give up and shove it all back in and shut the door down.  So I figure if I take one thing out every single day of the year, by the end I will have made some real progress.  As a side note, I discovered it is super easy to donate things to the new Goodwill store we have here.  I’ve already unloaded one big bag of clothes in 2017 and it’s only the first week.  So I figure if I donate a bag or a box a week, along with the one item a day from garage to trash, I’m golden.  I’ll have a clean garage by this time next year.  I hope.

4:  I’m also going to try really hard to take better care of myself, health and beauty-wise. My mom has always been really good about that. She washed her face, brushed her teeth, and put on her Oil of Olay or whatever, with the result that there was a particular smell to “Bedtime Mom” when she came in to tell us goodnight: Listerine and Moisturizer.  Unfortunately, I’ve never been one of those “nightly beauty ritual” girls.  Truthfully, there have been evenings I’ve slept in my stage makeup.  I know, it’s a horrible habit.  So I don’t wash my face every night, or put lotion on my dry cracky feet, or mani-pedi, or any of that stuff.  Half the time I don’t even brush my teeth before bed.  So this year I am going to work on all of that, right down to my toenails.


All of this is on top of the continuing Weight Loss Saga, as well as the ever-present search for Love and Truth and Answers From The Cosmos, and also trying to learn everything I can from my theater stuff so I will be ready to direct in the next couple of seasons.  I don’t know what I want to direct; I just know I want to do it.  I believe I can.  I would really like to write something for our theatre to produce, and then direct it myself.  That would be the ultimate.  I just don’t have any good ideas yet.


For now, my most important goal is to not crash my car on my way to work in the morning.  And holding my breath until the kids get home from town.  Everybody be safe out there!


Until next time,


P.S.  The kids just pulled in the driveway.  Whew!!!



The Therapy Journals of the Fat-Headed Klingon Woman

One woman's journey to becoming Her True Self

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