The Therapy Journals of the Fat-Headed Klingon Woman

One woman's journey to becoming Her True Self

From the Heart November 2, 2012


sunrise (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Hello all.  Today is one of those days where I feel like I have so much to say, I just hope and pray I can say it right.


All over Facebook, yesterday, today, and for the rest of this month, many of your friends will be doing the Thankfulness thing.  You know, every day, you post something you’re thankful for in an effort to increase overall thankfulness and warm fuzzy feelings in general.  I plan to jump on the bandwagon of course, because I’m just a Facebook nerd like that, but mainly because I think it’s important to acknowledge the good things in our lives and the blessings and favors we enjoy every minute of every day, if only our eyes are open wide enough to see them.


So today on the way to work, I was running earlier than I normally do.  It’s Friday, I get to leave The Boy at home with his sisters, so I’m able to get going a little earlier than we do the rest of the week.  Love it.  Anyway, I’m driving east, and the sun is right in my eyes.  Yesterday on my way home, I was grousing about the sun being in my eyes, and how I’d give anything if the little magnet that holds my clip-on sunglasses on my prescription glasses hadn’t fallen off and gotten lost so that I now have no functioning sunglasses.  But looking at the sunrise this morning, seeing the way the light streaks sideways through the blue of the sky, instead of feeling put out, complaining about the sun being in my face, I tried to think about thankfulness.  I tried to think about how lucky I am to get to see that beautiful example of God‘s care for us:  light and warmth.  I tried to just absorb and feel the warmth of the sun on my face and think how very grateful I am that I have my sight and I don’t have to live in constant darkness.  I tried to notice how the light of early morning just seems to make even the most mundane things a little more beautiful, and I was thankful for the grace to be thankful for something I was just complaining about yesterday.


And as I said, I’m a big Fb person, and my first status of the day started forming in my head during the drive to work:

Ok, y’all, I want you to do something:  go outside.  Right now.  Face the sun.  Throw your arms open wide, as wide as they’ll go.  Throw your head back.  Feel the sun on your face.  Breathe deep, deep.  Get your lungs as full as they’ll go with the cool, crisp, fresh morning air.  Now let loose with a ‘Jack-Dawson-on-the-bow-of-Titanic, Harry-Potter-on-the-hippogriff’ WHOOOOOO!!!

That’s how I feel today.  And I’m thankful for it.  🙂



So then I get to work.  I walk in the door and see a little card propped in my keyboard on my desk.  It’s from my co-worker/boss, and here’s what it says:

I just wanted to write you a letter of encouragement.  It is hard to believe that it has already been a year since you started working here!  You have done a fantastic job and you were really a life saver!  We really don’t know what we would have done without your help!  The other day you were talking about how you weren’t really sure who you are and where your value comes from.  Well, first know that your value comes from God- and that is your purpose in life.  To serve Him.  If none of us had anything, we would still have everything because we have God.  Second, know that you are doing a good job at raising your children.  I can’t imagine how tough it must be for you to raise 3 children basically by yourself, but I can tell you’re putting all you have into it.  You are doing a great job even though I know at times you may get discouraged. Keep on keeping on!  Finally, you are doing a wonderful job here!  This work is reaching millions and millions of souls with the Gospel.  That is an important role and responsibility and you have and are doing a great job!  Just keep up the hard work and remember how appreciated and needed you are by all!

In Christ,



Now if that wasn’t a great way to start a day, I don’t know what was!  So I had to stop and be thankful for KP and all that I’m learning from him as a co-worker and boss who is so very rooted and grounded in everything God.  And then I booted up my computer and started working on things, and as I usually do, I browsed through some of the headlines on Yahoo.  I started reading some of the hurricane stories, and y’all… I know there are millions of people who have been affected.  Hundreds of thousands who still are without power, without running water…  I know that there are hundreds of thousands who have suffered and are suffering.  But my heart is with Glenda Moore more than any other.  She’s the woman who put her babies on top of the car to try to save them from the storm, and they got washed away anyway, and their bodies were just found recently.  Dear God in Heaven, how I feel for that woman!  How I pray that she knows that people all over the country and probably the world by now are sharing in her sorrow and praying for her comfort, and crying tears of sympathy with her.  I wish I knew some practical way to help, not only her, but all the storm victims.  I’m praying for them, for sure, and maybe right now that’s all I can do, but maybe it’s the most important thing.


I can’t really think of a neat, tidy way to wrap this up, but maybe I just need to let what I’ve already said have its moment.  Blessings and love in Christ to all who read this.


Until next time,



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One woman's journey to becoming Her True Self

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