The Therapy Journals of the Fat-Headed Klingon Woman

One woman's journey to becoming Her True Self

Meet The Cast March 7, 2010

Hello all.  I just decided to add a page that lists everyone I might mention in this blog, so you’ll know exactly to whom I refer!

Me:  The Mom, the Author.  I write this blog the way I do primarily because I want to entertain through my writing.  I worked for 10 years at The UPS Store,  now working as a secretary for a tv/radio/internet ministry.  I also occasionally contemplate returning to the classroom to teach High School English.  Someday.  Maybe.

My Three Kids:

Daughter 1, also known as Daughter S.  She is an anime’ cartoonist extraordinaire, who also loves wolves and Alaskan Huskies, and might like to work in the world of wildlife conservation someday, if she’s not drawing and voicing her own cartoon show.  She’s beautiful and funny.  She’s the kind of kid who would meow under her breath in a mental hospital and make the patients wonder where the cat was!  She is wise and mature in many ways, responsible, and very loving.

Daughter 2, also known as Daughter J:  She is a future Disney Employee who loves to sing at the top of her lungs, and cares not one whit whether she is on key.  (She’s actually a pretty good singer.)  She’d love to be the next Hannah Montana or Selena Gomez, but she’d settle for being a Jonas Brothers groupie.  She is friendly and loyal and trusting.  She’s determined and stubborn, usually to a fault.

The Boy:  My son, the youngest, the pesky little brother.   At times I have feared he would become the World’s Oldest Second Grader.  Although bright and inquisitive, he is strongly opposed to All Things Academic, and he thinks school is something that someone, somewhere, invented specifically to torture him.  He can be loving and sweet, or he can be irrational and full of rage.  Highly imaginative, and often funny, in an over-the-top, Jim Carrey way.  He loves Spyro the Dragon, Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Minecraft, and his bicyle.

 My Former Husbands:

Husband No. 1:  My first love, my first everything.  Father of the children.  Now remarried and raising a different family.  Frequently referred to with all love and affection as The Dufus.

Husband No. 2:  Usually referred to as RMB, his initials, or possibly as Old Track Shoes, because of the way he left:  made tracks, and never came back.  My second love, my second everything, although I’ve actually known him longer than The Dufus.  We were friends for years before we got married, which I have now decided only occurred because I experienced a temporary bout of complete and utter insanity.  We will probably always consider ourselves friends, even though I sometimes want to tell him…um… where to go and how to get there. 😀

My Nuclear Family:

My Parents- Dad:  Worked hard all his life, took care of his family.  Now a retired school bus driver.  Literally drove the Short Bus! He refered to it as the Weenie Wagon.  Tries to look tough as nails.  In reality, soft as a marshmallow.  Tender hearted, loving, concerned.  Hopefully will someday decide life is more fun when not being lived from a recliner.

My Parents- Mom:  Where do I begin?  Has endured working at Uniroyal/Michelin for over 30 years.  The biggest Kid At Heart I’ve ever known.  Gives until it hurts, in every possible sense of the words.  Does everything for everybody and wishes she could even do more.   Absolutely Beautiful inside and out.

My Middle Sister:   Three years younger than I, a lifelong exercise fanatic, a Sun Seeker (as evidenced by her year-round tan), a Super Mom who runs herself ragged in an effort to give 150% in all areas of her life.  She works as a family counselor and manager of therapeutic foster care for special needs kids.  Devoted to her work.  Beautiful and strong in all ways.  Drives like Andretti, Earnhart, and Patrick all rolled into one.  (In other words, she has a severe lead foot!)

My Youngest Sister:  The Personification of the Qualities I Pursue- Sparkle and Growl.  She is beautiful and charming and sweet and absolutely hilarious.  She is an amazing singer and a talented interior designer.  She is a person of action who voices her opinion and makes what she wants happen.

Friends and Supporting Cast:

Theater People:

A variety of folks I have met since becoming involved (some would say obsessed) with Community Theater in May 2013.

My Counselor

Newly nicknamed The Golden Goddess because she’s tan and blond and beautiful.  Normally I would hate someone who fit that description, but she’s just so cool, I could never hate her.  Plus, she’s helped me wade through a lot of Crap in the last little while.  She has big, amazing dreams and I have no doubt she’ll accomplish them.  She will eventually be the nation’s number one motivational speaker, women’s retreat organizer, and Zen guru.  She’ll have a TV show, and merchandise, and Lord knows what else.  That’s why I also call her The Blond Oprah!  And when The Therapy Journals becomes a novel or a movie or a sitcom, she’ll be among the first to be credited and dished out supermassive kudos:  Many Thanks to the Golden Goddess.  For too much to list.

These are the primary players in my life.  They are my shapers and formers, my motivators and my core.  They are the Supporting Players in the Production that is Me.

(last edited 3/18/14)


2 Responses to “Meet The Cast”

  1. Emily Says:

    Someone, I can’t remember who, recently said the same thing about me sparkling and I thought how odd, my sister always told me that when we were younger. My favorite part of the discription is “She is a person of action who voices her opinion and makes what she wants happen.” I feel like it’s the truth that I hide from myself, it’s very empowering to believe that.

    (I’ve read this many times before but never commented.)

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