The Therapy Journals of the Fat-Headed Klingon Woman

One woman's journey to becoming Her True Self

About January 21, 2010

You’re probably wondering what in the world a “Fat-Headed Klingon Woman” is.  Don’t worry- I’ll get to it.  It’s a long story.


A little about who I am:


I am a single mother of twin girls who turn 19 in November 2012 and a boy who turned 11 in May.  We live in Southern Oklahoma and we are a Work In Progress.  I’m entering what I define as Early Middle Age– I recently celebrated my 40th birthday; the girls have graduated high school, and The Boy is now being home schooled; I was a non-traditional college graduate at 35; I’m divorced from my second husband, and when I started this blog, I was starting to wonder what was left of life, particularly in terms of time.


I have a B.A. in English Education, but am not currently teaching.  After a year of personal and professional blows in 2009, I have spent the last few years working with a therapist who has been trying to bring out the Fierce Woman in me.  Well, actually, to help me let out the Fierce Woman I know is in there somewhere.  I have made great strides.  I have been following the Weight Watchers plan since January 2010 and I have lost 12o lbs.  I have competed in a two 5k mud runs:  The Dirty 30 and The Fitness Freak Adventure Race.


In my search for answers and personal development,  I assigned a theme to 2010 and 2011.  The first, as you will soon read, was Transformation.  I lost almost 80 lbs. the first year on Weight Watchers and began the process of transforming myself and my life into something I could look on with pride.  The theme I assigned to 2011 was Action.  I knew if I had a snowball’s chance of continuing to succeed in my weight loss and other transformative efforts, I was going to have to become a person of action.  Motion.  Movement.  Decision.  Purpose.  During that year, I became a regular exerciser, something I never thought I would be.  I began taking part in athletic events, which has been an incredible switch for me.  I planned and completed a once-in-a-lifetime trip for my daughters and their brother and myself after the girls graduated in May.  In other words, I have accomplished much of what I set out to do this year.


Because of my continued weight loss and new found athleticism, I am no longer scared of time.  As my heaviest, most despairing self, I used to feel that life was a ticking clock that I was watching as it wound down as I frantically tried to figure out how to enjoy the time that was left.  All of that has dramatically changed.  As a fitter, healthier person, I have no reason to think that I don’t have plenty of years left and to feel that life is a wonderful surprise with a bow on it, just waiting to be opened and enjoyed.


Writing this blog is just the latest in a lifetime of creative endeavors.  For the long promised explanation of my blog title, see this.  I’ve written poetry since I was about 13.  I have also written short stories and a teen romance novel.  I have defined myself as a writer and poet for a good part of my life now, and have decided to try sharing that part of me with the world at large, hence the new blog.  If you want to know what this blog will contain, you’ll just have to keep reading me!  I don’t promise brilliance, and I don’t promise knee-slapping humor, and I don’t promise mind-blowingly deep thought, but a little bit of each is what I’m aiming for.


Let the good times roll, and happy reading!

(Originally Published on Jan. 21, 2010, edited Jan. 1, 2011, updated Oct. 10, 2011, Oct. 19, 2012)


7 Responses to “About”

  1. debbie Says:

    I think you are awesome. Love you, a non-prejudiced mommy, DEBBIE

  2. Congrats! What fantastic progress you have made, and so many accomplishments!!

  3. Denise White Says:

    Hello my new-found friend! I just found your blog and learned so much more about you!! WOW! You are an incredible person that has so much to share about life. Having only met you 3 days ago I must say that I’m really impressed with your life story!!! Congratulations on losing all that weight!! That is such an accomplishment and I know you are so proud 🙂 Being a single mother has to be hard. I am single now too (after 32 years of marriage) but my boys are already grown. The stress of divorce is bad enough but the added responsibilities of raising children can be overwhelming, I’m sure. And finishing your degree at 35 is definitely something you should be proud of!!

    I’m also so proud of you for auditioning for ALT!!! I read from your blog that you thought about backing out. Well, take it from someone who watched you audition… You looked absolutely comfortable up there! You showed so much personality!!! And I can sympathize with you. I had to talk myself into auditioning as well. It’s been so long since I have done anything like that. But we made it through and are better for it. I know you are frustrated as well not knowing the results yet. I’ve been checking my email, ALT’s Facebook page and their website every time I get a chance. It is a large cast and I know they’ve got a big job ahead of them but HURRY UP ALREADY, PLEASE!!!!! LOL!! Hope to talk to you soon 🙂

    • Hey there! Thank you so much for finding me and for reading! I appreciate your encouragement and kind words, so much! Can’t wait to find out how we both did, and looking forward to getting to know you and becoming friends!

      • Denise White Says:

        I’m looking forward to getting to know you too! Just saw on fb that the storm has delayed their finalization so hopefully we’ll know soon.

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