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The Saga of the Sophomores and the Great Can Competition! November 17, 2017

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Hello, all!  Life has been quite an adventure since I returned to teaching.  There have been days and moments where I have wanted to run away and become a sheep herder in Tibet, but there have also been moments when I think I really do enjoy these kids and their enthusiasm.


Take today, for example. The school is collecting canned goods for… you know… some reason.  Thanksgiving, maybe?  Or possibly just for the local food pantry.  That part doesn’t really matter.  The point is, they have known for a week that we were supposed to be collecting cans.  They have been reminded repeatedly, but up until YESTERDAY they only had about 20 cans.


It’s important to add here, that there are serious rewards in the picture if they meet their collection goal. Incidentally, their collection goal is for each class (each grade- Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors) 250 apiece for the basic reward of a faculty-student volleyball game with pizza and soda.  The ULTIMATE goal, however, is that if the whole high school collects 2000 cans total, the principal will get a pie in the face.  This, obviously, is something that they find motivating.


So again, up until yesterday they only had about 20 cans.  Today, much to the delight and yet surprise of the faculty, particularly yours truly who has been nagging them for days, they have suddenly decided to become competitive.  Kids showed up before school lugging full backpacks and WalMart bags.  One girl went to the store and bought one hundred cans on her own. They have been counting and re-counting, guarding jealously against sneaky upperclassmen who claim to be collecting the goods and then steal them and add them to their own tally.  They have been calling their parents and begging them to bring more canned goods, but most of the students who brought some today have just raided their own pantries.  I can easily envision dozens of moms getting ready to make supper tonight, standing in front of open pantry doors, staring upon dusty empty shelves and screaming, “(Insert Sophomore’s name here) WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH ALL THE FOOD!!”


Basically it turns out these are good kids after all.  They showed up a little late to the party, but their honor is at stake here, and they are finally coming together and determined not to be bested by the other grades.  Except it turns out they still fall in the category of ‘give-em-an-inch-and-they’ll-take-ten-miles.” Several of them have formed a gang and are currently hiding out in my classroom taking full advantage of the fact that this is the last day before Thanksgiving break.


Until next time!



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