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Stalking the Northern Lights and Celebrating Christmas In August! September 2, 2015

(Originally begun 8/28/15)

Hello, all!  Alaska remains as awesome as ever.  The weather here has been in a weird pattern that has dropped the temperatures down a little colder than they normally are at this time of year.  It was only about 35 degrees when I woke up.  I didn’t have to work morning shift today, so I stayed up late last night and tried to see the Northern Lights, or the Aurora Borealis.  I left my room at about 11:45, walked down to the lodge, and took a spot on the back deck that promised fairly prime viewing if the lights should appear.  At first I was one of only a few people out there, but within an hour or so, it was standing room only.  Unfortunately there were no big appearances, although the conditions were pretty good.  Or… it’s possible they took off and went crazy shortly after I decided I had only a few moments left before I was permanently frozen and decided to go back inside and beg Security for a ride back up to housing, which I was given and for which I was extremely thankful.  When I got back to my room, I tiptoed in, careful in the darkness, trying not to wake up my roommate who had had to work way overtime due to the power outage.  I had settled down in bed and was wondering if I would ever warm up, when I heard someone clomping up the porch and a key in the door and I thought “Dear God, who’s coming in here?!”  My heart was already pounding when I realized that it was Roomie herself, who had gotten off work, found the note I left her, and decided since she was off work so late, she might as well go try to check them out too!  Silly me.


So anyway.  I did get a little glimpse, and I’m not giving up until I get to see some really pretty ones, but for now I have something else to share.  Remember in my last entry when I said I was going to talk about a strange but lovely surprise?  Well, it revolves around a tradition that takes place here at McKinley and apparently other National Parks.  It’s called Christmas In August.  It seems that somewhere, sometime long ago, there may or may not have been some people who were trapped by a freak blizzard in August in Yellowstone or some other National Park.  They decided to celebrate Christmas, either because it was the 25th, even though it was in August, or because they felt pretty sure they weren’t going to survive to see the real Christmas.  So they were singing Christmas carols and they were heard and saved by rescuers.  So it has become a tradition to celebrate Christmas in August in National Parks, and even though this lodge is actually within a State park, they decided some time ago to participate in the tradition.


Which is a really long way of saying that over the last week I have enjoyed looking at beautiful Christmas trees, my fellow Gift Shop Girls and I built a “gingerbread” house (which was actually built from graham crackers) for a competition between all the departments, I received several gifts because I signed up for Secret Santa, AND… I helped organize Christmas caroling for the guests!


We met in the training room and practiced, and then a couple of days later we met and walked down to the fire pits and sang a few songs, then walked through the gift shop singing, and into the Great Room of the main lobby for a few more.  I’d like to say I was brave and was the leader I was supposed to be, but there were a couple of other girls with much better voices and I let them sort of take over.  One of them started the songs for us and the other one did a bit of a solo on ‘O’ Holy Night.’  It was fairly unusual for me to actually get involved in something here, as I have been painfully shy most of this time, but when one of the managers visited the gift shop and mentioned the caroling that was planned and the lack of someone to help lead it, my dear co-workers assured the manager that I would be the perfect person for the job.  So I was sort of volunteered before I even knew about it, but of course I was happy to be part of it.


We sang two nights in a row, the 24th and 25th, and on the final night one of the F&B (food and beverage) managers listened to us in the lobby and afterwards he said all the carolers could have free ice cream from the coffee bar! That was a pretty good reward for our showing off.  It was a really great time though.  Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love Christmas and I need absolutely NO excuse to sing!  Often in the gift shop, my co-workers and I would break out in song during the slow moments and while counting our register drawers before opening and after closing.  Such fun!


So that is the story of why a bunch of vacationers walked into a lodge in Alaska in August and were greeted with Christmas trees, gingerbread houses, stuffed Santa dolls, and some fairly pitiful Christmas caroling. All my theater peeps had better watch out, I’m thinking, because it won’t be long before it will be time for us to do our caroling and the Christmas parade float again! I’m already all warmed up and ready to go.  Heh heh.


Until next time,



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