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(Hear this in Gomer Pyle’s Voice) Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! July 12, 2015

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Hello, all!  It’s a fine sunny day here in Alaska, and I woke up to a surprise.  A friend of mine from high school who actually lives in Anchorage stopped by to see me on her way back home from a camping trip!  It was just a very brief visit- a quick hug and introductions to the family and pics as evidence. 🙂  So without further ado, I bring you the LGHS Class of 1990 25 Year Reunion- Alaska Division!


Hey! Long time, no see! Thanks for dropping by.  <3

Hey! Long time, no see! Thanks for dropping by. ❤


I was supposed to work at 11:00 a.m. today, but a co-worker had something come up, so now I don’t have to work until 2:30.  I was thankful to have gotten to sleep in a bit though; I had been on 7:30-4:00 for a few days.  My new roommate and I have been bonding over an OOOOLD TV miniseries she has on DVD.  We’ve been watching North and South on her laptop.  It has been really fun.  And sad.  Patrick Swayze.  All the tears.


Anyway.  I’ve been working on a special experience the last few days.  My work schedule (and all of ours in the gift shop) has been mostly one day off a week.  I had one week a while back where I had two days off, but it was the only one so far.  We’ve been short-staffed all season, so not as much time off.  Which is fine, obviously.  (Hashtag: overtimeisgood) But time off is good too, and I finally have another week with two days off, AND… they are consecutive!!  So what people do up here with consecutive days off is try to find a way to get, how shall we say, OUT!  To get “off-property” and go have some adventures elsewhere.  So that is what I have been trying to do.  Employees get a special room rate at our other lodges, and since I have tomorrow and Tuesday off, I was going to try to get a room up at Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge, take a wildlife tour, see their dinner show, and (the thing I have been most wanting to do) ride the train with the pretty glass top where you can see all the scenery.


The problem is, they have to have enough room.  And you have to put in a request.  And you have to arrange transportation.  And managers have to help you. And if you didn’t get advance notice or plan ahead, your adventure could be derailed at any one of those steps.  So basically it is Sunday morning 10:13 a.m. and I still do not actually know if I have to plan and pack for a two-day trip leaving early tomorrow morning!


Fortunately, there are options.  If I don’t get a room in Denali, I can always go to Anchorage, get a room anywhere for a couple of days and rent a car and explore.  There is a big zoo there that I have been wanting to see, and also the Performing Arts Center, and all sorts of adventures just waiting to be had.  So.  One way or another, I should be having some good fun over the next couple of days.


Thanks for stopping by.  I still have yet to share my flight tour experience, and as soon as I can get ALLLLLL those pictures uploaded I will try to put them into my certain-to-be-inadequate words.


Until next time,



3 Responses to “(Hear this in Gomer Pyle’s Voice) Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!”

  1. Jenny Says:

    I really admire you for taking off on this adventure and you seem to be making the most of it. A lot of people would not have your courage. Glad to hear you have a better room mate. Look forward to your next post

    • Hi! Thanks for reading, and Thank You so much for the kind words! People kept saying this was courageous and brave and it mystified me a little at first until I realized how rare it is to take a chance on a dream. It has taken me so long to feel like I was going to make it, but I finally do. Now the big task is just trying to figure out what happens after! Thanks again, and be well.

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