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Another Day, Another Destiny, and Master of My Own House May 16, 2015

Hello, all!  Things are going well here in the Last Frontier.  Today is Saturday, and it marks a two-day hot streak for me, attitude-wise-speaking.  See, Thursday was rough.  It was the first day of the gift shop being open all day.  We were busy.  I was physically and emotionally tired, and I was aggravated about things beyond my control at home.  Now, I know there will be more days like that before all is said and done, but I’m not going to lie- that day… I was wondering if I was going to make it through the summer.  Obviously we know, that’s not an option.  If I were to have to go home before I am supposed to, I would be crushed.  It would be considered a failure of epic proportions, both by me and by everyone who has had to listen to me talk about this adventure for the last 5 months.  I would never live it down.  In short…an attitude adjustment was in order.  Needed to clean up my mental house, so to speak.


So yesterday morning I woke up with a plan.  I decided that I was going to break out and get adventurous.  I packed my backpack with a change of clothes, my ID and my money, various medicines needed to get me through the day (for pain and for energy) and I went to work.  I worked all day, just as busy as the day before, but focused on trying to do a good job and keep a smile on my face.  I made sure to stay ahead of the ache in my feet by taking Tylenol and ibuprofen as needed.  I took some energy-giving medicine in the early afternoon after lunch.  And speaking of lunch, I had been astounded how much my energy had picked up on Wednesday evening after supper when I had been dragging so hideously, so I made sure that I took my lunch on time and that I ate as healthily as I could and drank more water.


Finally, it was the end of the shift.  Lucky for me, I did not have a cash register in my name yesterday, so I was able to leave as soon as I finished my task.  I clocked out and went to the front desk to make sure I knew what I needed to do to make my plan happen.  Then I went straight to the employee restroom and changed clothes.  It felt soo good to be wearing normal clothes for once instead of my uniform.


And then…I went back upstairs and out to the shuttle stop for the bus to Talkeetna.  Now, Talkeetna is the little tourist town that is near the lodge.  As the crow flies, it is only 14 miles from the lodge, but thanks to some stubborn townsfolk, apparently, as I learned on the bus ride, highway couldn’t go through the town and they had to build a spur road instead.  The result?  The aforementioned bus ride to Talkeetna takes a solid hour.


Anyway.  No worries.  I gave the driver my ID and my shuttle slip for the trip into town and boarded the bus.  There were only two other employees going to town and I didn’t know them.  Prior to my departure, I had asked some very kind ladies at the Naturalist Desk what there was to do in town, and had received some stellar advice.  First on the list was Shirley’s Talkeetna Burger Barn.  I was assured the burgers were to die for.  Then I was informed that there was a special treat available there that I needed to check out. More on that later.  I also asked about the general store in Talkeetna, because I discovered, out of ALL the ridiculous amount of junk that I brought with me on this little Alaskan Adventure, the one thing I apparently forgot that I would need was laundry pre-treater- Shout, Spray N Wash, or some variation on that theme.  (I basically cannot get through a day without getting something down the front of my shirt.)  So I was going to try to locate some.


So.  I got on the bus and enjoyed a nice ride into town.  I might have enjoyed making the trip with some new friends or something, but nobody was available, and for the moment I was actually more satisfied with my exercise in independence.  We pulled into town and stopped across the street from the Princess tour services office, in the parking lot of one of the tour operators, Mahays Jet Boat Adventures.  They do some of the tours offered by the lodge, so I know I will be going there again.  I got off the bus and after retrieving my ID from the driver, I walked across to the famous Burger Barn.  It was a little trailer like what you would see at the county fair, complete with wooden picnic tables out front and a refrigerator from which you choose your soda after you order.

$5 for anyone who spots the misspelled sign.  Ok, not really. :)

$5 for anyone who spots the misspelled sign. Ok, not really. 🙂


So I ordered the McKinley, which had mushrooms and Swiss cheese and I asked them to add grilled onions.  It came with fries or chips, and I had some fries and I chose a Diet Dew from the fridge.  I sat at the table and waited.  It was shady and windy, and so cool I was getting goosebumps.  Finally my food was ready and it was as good as promised.  I finished my burger and most of my fries and took my drink and went walking in search of the general store.  Now, you may remember if you have read the trip report of my cruise in 2012, I am terrible with directions.  Like, so bad there should be a medical treatment for it.  But how lost can you get in a town that basically has one street?

DD5 *

I had asked the driver for directions to the general store and it was easy to find.  This is the town that has a cat for a mayor, btw.  I think his Honor’s name is Mr. Stubbs.  Anyway. Talkeetna’s other claim to fame is that it is the town that Northern Exposure was loosely modeled after.  It is quite a cute place. The general store had no laundry pre-treater spray, but it did have a dog sled and animal skins on the walls.

View down the stairs in the general store.

View down the stairs in the general store.

I stopped in to a couple of other gift shops on my way back to the bus (comparison shopping our prices at work and theirs, if truth be known.). There were a couple of items I really wanted, but I decided to save my money instead.  The tie-dye hoodie with the moose in hipster sunglasses was really calling my name.


The last thing I did before I went back to the shuttle stop was stop back by Shirley’s for a treat you can’t get anywhere else.  There is a plant here in Alaska that in the summer grows into a beautiful purple-red flower called ‘fireweed’ and Shirley, bless her creative heart, has found a way to make Fireweed Ice Cream.  I tried and tried to come up with a common flavor to compare it to, but I couldn’t.  It was sweet, creamy, and delicious. DD3 *

Soon the shuttle bus arrived and I was headed back to the lodge.  I had entertained my co-workers earlier with an impromptu performance of Master of the House, from Les Mis.  So on the bus ride back to my temporary home, I occupied my mind by singing to myself, all the songs from LM and then all the songs I had been learning in my voice lessons and hope to sing at auditions someday. Finally back at the lodge, I stopped in the gift shop to say a quick hello to my co-workers and to tell them that my adventure had been a success.  I hiked the killer hill to my room feeling quite proud of myself, both for the good day and the trip to town.  Once back in my room, I quickly collected my laundry and got it started.  I was in a hurry because they had posted a sign on the door that stated that the door would be locked at 10 pm and if your clothes were still in there at that time, they would just be held prisoner until the door was unlocked at 8am. I watched for them to come lock the door and I was prepared to beg and plead for the freedom of my clothes, but nobody ever came to lock the door.  My clothes were finally done about 10:30 and this was the sky:

This is 10:30 at night.

This is 10:30 at night.


A peaceful end to a really good day.

Until next time, D.


2 Responses to “Another Day, Another Destiny, and Master of My Own House”

  1. Hey! Actually got some time to read a bit that I had missed. I am living vicariously through you my sister… write on! Ok, so on the subject of laundry pre-treaters, You know my family and our business. Basically we wear our Sunday best to work, play, clean the building…. you get the picture. My magic trick for ring around the collar, stains, etc., it to fill a large spray bottle (old windex bottle) with water and a 1/2 cup of Dawn dish soap. I use the original blue stuff. It works every time. I spray the clothes either the night before or just an hour or so ahead of throwing it in the washer if I’m in a rush. I guess if you don”t have a spray bottle, you could use a damp rag and a dot of Dawn and scrub it on the offending stain. With really bad stains, I have used an old toothbrush and the soap to scrub it in. Hope this helps 😉

    • Thanks, my friend! I managed to acquire some laundry stuff- I got by with a little help from a friend. But I will keep your solution in mind for when I get home, definitely. Thanks again for reading. Miss you all!

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