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So Many Moods, So Little Time! March 16, 2015

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Pos Neg balance

Hello all!  Today has been such an emotional roller coaster day that it’s actually comical.  You can tell this by observing my first two Facebook posts of the day.  Except, oh- you can’t observe them because I posted them to Only Me.  That’s ok, Therapy Journals readers will be in the Secret Inner Circle. The day started great, and went downhill in a hurry.  My first two Facebook posts of the day demonstrate the point.


First post:  (accompanied by a smiling picture of me in a new pink, lacy shirt my little sister gave my mom, who felt it didn’t fit her properly and passed on to me) “And the Pink Princess got both her contacts in on the first try and there was much rejoicing throughout the land.”


Second post:  “If I don’t throat-punch someone by 9am, it will be a miracle!”  (I later meant to add, “Of epic proportions” but I haven’t yet.)


The sad part is there’s really no huge reason for me to have gone from the first mood to the second mood so quickly. There were half a dozen tiny reasons, though.  When Daughter J. and I dropped Daughter S. off at her work, we went in and I bought a couple of things for my breakfast and lunch. Daughter J. had packed her a lunch at home, but unfortunately failed to grab it on her way out the door.  She picked out a replacement lunch and I paid for it, but then when we were leaving the parking lot, she stated that she wanted to go to McDonald’s.  I tried to convince her we should just go back in the store and try to find something healthy-ish for her breakfast, but I caved in, as I am famous for doing, and we went to McDonald’s.


Before that, though, I called the telebank number for her and we checked her balance, and then I tried to check mine, and it kept telling my I had my password wrong, which was another annoyance that began to tilt the scale of balance of my mood. Anyway, back to McDonald’s.  Today is the beginning of Spring Break around here, so McD’s drive-through was dead.  We pulled in and I ordered J’s favorite, the McGriddle combo, but she likes it with bacon instead of sausage.  Here’s what I said:  “I need a McGriddle combo with bacon rather than sausage and a Sprite.”


Now, this menu item, in its normal, company-ordained, prescribed design, comes with, does it not, 1)sausage, 2)egg, and 3)cheese?  Yes, I believe it does.  I just Googled it to make sure.  But what J got was a McGriddle sandwich….with ONLY bacon!  This turn of events annoyed me greatly, but what annoyed me further was J’s refusal to admit that she deserved what she paid for, and what she wanted, and that if we’d had time, which we didn’t, it would not be out of the realm of reasonableness for her to return to the restaurant and request that they fix it.  She kept trying to tell me I shouldn’t make a big deal of it, and she just wasn’t picky, and that maybe they were all out of eggs and cheese or something.  (This is how far this child will go in excusing other people’s stupidity.  She has a long history of it.)


So she ate her food and went in to her job, and I went to the survey link on the receipt and gave them a scathing review, my attempt to call them and tell them on the phone what complete morons they are having failed when nobody picked up the phone.  Lucky them.


Then I went to the post office to check the mail for my work, (while mentally telling off someone in another office that I have had to deal with recently about a REALLY annoying situation that is not getting anywhere and is time-sensitive) and there was a slip in the box to pick something up at the counter.  Turns out someone had sent something to us by return mail and it was POSTAGE DUE!  I had only brought in my car keys and my work keys, not any money of any kind, so I didn’t even bother with the pick-up slip.  I went back to my car, still grumbling like Yosemite Sam, and drove to my office. Dropped my fizzy flavored water bottle in the elevator, which meant I couldn’t open it for a while, lest it blow up.  Then when I was trying to unlock my office, I locked it instead, because I hadn’t done so when I left the last time.  Walked into my office and apparently the maintenance powers that be have decided mid-March is a great time to switch from heater to AC because my office is so cold I am pretty sure I could hang hogs in here.  Also, despite my having gotten my new contacts in on the first try today, they are blurring up a lot, which drives me insane and makes me waste half my day waiting for them to clear up.


ANYWAY.  I checked Facebook as I so often do, and there were videos shared of my same type of church (but not my congregation) doing their normal Sunday morning acapella singing.  Which improved my mood again, because it was so pretty. And then for some reason I found myself scrolling through my friends list and I thought, “You know?  I have beautiful friends.  Look at this list of awesome beautiful people, and they are MY friends!  How cool is that?!”

So now I am typing with frozen fingers  (I didn’t even bring a jacket today because it wasn’t that cold OUTSIDE!) and my mood is about on an even keel.  For now.  I just lit a candle on my desk to see if I could bring the temp up to frigid.  Also just remembered that, DUH, I have a space heater right behind me that I forgot I had to buy because they didn’t turn OFF the AC in this building until like October.  Ah, the joys of life.  Good, bad, or in between, there is always something that’s gonna tick us off, and always something that’s gonna make us smile.  The trick is to try not to notice so much of the former and try to noticre a whole lot more of the latter.


Until next time,


PS- Stay tuned for my Alaska blog, in which I hope and plan to chronicle in detail my journey and experience in Alaska over the summer.  And here is the pic that accompanied my first Fb post today about the contacts.  That really did make me happy. Later, guys!

pink princess contacts pic


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