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A Big Dream: A Big Move to a Big Place October 31, 2014

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It's all within my reach!

It’s all within my reach!

Hello all!  Here’s hoping everyone is having a great day.  I, in particular, am having a great day because today is just a great day to have.  Ok, there’s a reason.  Several, really, but the primary one is that it’s COLD OUTSIDE!  Cool, anyway.  And thankfully, they haven’t turned the heat on in my office yet, and it’s a meat locker in here, but I have a hoodie, so I’m all good.


If you’ve been reading me longer than five minutes, you know I am a freak about Alaska. (Go here to read one of my previous posts about the Alaska dream.)  I have never set foot in the state in this lifetime and yet I am obsessed with the place.  I want to go there.  I want to live there.  I want to see the mountains and the lakes and the glaciers and the wild critters, and just… everything.  I want to drive a snowmobile and watch a dog sled race.  I want to see Point Barrow.  The whole shebang.


Always this weird obsession lurks under my thoughts, but in recent days and weeks it is breaking the surface and demanding I dream big and actually start thinking realistically about at least visiting the darn place!  I have lived the biggest part of my adult life in a state of feeling sort of trapped.  Tied down by finances and obligations, I stuff my dreams down in a sock and hide them under the bed and forget they were under there.  Every once in while I would pull the sock out from under the bed, brush off the dustbunnies, pull the idea out and stare wistfully at it for a while, then shove it back where it came from.


Not anymore.  I’m polishing it up, setting it on a shelf, and finding things to set up around it that will make it a beautiful reality of my daily life.


Ok, so in non-poetic terms, what exactly does that mean?  Saving money, planning for my adult children’s survival without me in the next room, thinking about career moves, and just generally believing in the fact that I can do this if I want to.  And believe me.  I want to.  This is going to happen.

Until next time,



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