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Not Quite Broadway, But Close Enough September 17, 2014

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It's a regular Whodunit!

It’s a regular Whodunit!

Hello, all!  Well, you’ve had a break, and I haven’t mentioned a lot about the theater lately, so now it’s time to catch up on ALL the theater things.  Mwahahaha!  I mentioned in the last entry that I had a couple of new theater things looming on the horizon.  Neither one of them has panned out exactly as I expected, but I know they probably happened the way they were supposed to do.


Ok, so here’s what it is.  (Random Movie Quote Interruption.  Robin Williams in Good Morning, Vietnam:  I just want to begin by saying to Roosevelt E. Roosevelt, “What it is, what it shall be, what it was.”)

Sorry, where was I?  Oh, ok, the theater things.  The first Thing was that I was hoping to be given another opportunity to be a stage manager in my local, often-mentioned, community theater group, Ardmore Little Theatre.  Our next production is Clue: The Musical, which if I am reading it right, is a relatively small, likely all adult, cast, simple staging, and not a lot of complicated cues.  I was hoping for that, because although I tackled a big-cast, monster-set, teen musical as my first stage managing opportunity, I wanted to see what it would be like to do a much different type of production (with the qualities I described for Clue, obvs.).   Unfortunately, someone else was chosen, but that is definitely ok, because it gives me the chance to do the other thing I was kind of torn about when I was hoping for SM.  See, I’d also wanted to audition for Clue.  (Whispering: I’d kind of like to play the Detective. 😀 ) It’s really intimidating for me, because I don’t know if I can pull off the funny, but the other part is, she has to dance a tango, sort of, with Professor Plum.  Now in case I haven’t mentioned it before… I don’t have two left feet.  No, no.  I have at least three.  Seriously.  I have frequently been known to describe my attempts at dancing as looking like “the Tin Man getting electrocuted.”  So there is that.  Secondly, I have never had a role in a musical before.  I was in the chorus of Les Mis last summer, which I LOVED, but I have never had an actual role, one in which I would be wearing a mic and all that.  I know I can sing (although sometimes I tend to disparage my ability at that, too) but I don’t know about singing and dancing, on stage, while trying to be funny!  It might be too much, but you know?  I really, REALLY want to try!


When it comes to the theater, I want to do everything.  I have had a tiny moment’s experience running the light board, I’ve stage managed, I’ve acted (sort of), I’ve been in a chorus.  I want to learn the fly loft, and I want more experience onstage, and eventually I want to direct.  I’ll just throw that out there now.  I do.  I’ll admit it.  I know it will likely be a long time before I get the experience and knowledge and skill I will need to be able to accomplish it, but might as well admit I am going to be actively working toward that goal.  Definitely.


The OTHER theater thing that I was referring to before was helping another group of folks from a nearby community try to get their theater reorganized after letting it languish for several years.  The Way Off Broadway Players of Tishomingo, Oklahoma.  A couple of ALT friends and I have so far gone to two of their organizational meetings, and they are off to a great start.  It looks like if they can just get enough public interest going, they should be able to have a play in production in a matter of months.  I had ulterior motives for that, you know.  I was hoping to have another group besides ALT (a non-competitor) that I could also get involved with, get experience from, meet people through, and enjoy.  So when they get their group off the ground, you can bet your sweet patootie I will help them in any way I can.  And if they happen to need me in a leading role, you know… of course I’ll very generously volunteer.  I’m kidding, of course.  I think the ones who are getting it started are looking forward to being back on their own stage, but they also need help with sets, costumes, backstage, etc. which I would absolutely help with if it were at all possible.


There’s a reason it’s called COMMUNITY theater, you know.  It’s meant to be something that brings a community together and provides activity and entertainment for the whole community.  Sometimes it’s not easy though.  ALT is doing To Kill a Mockingbird right now.  They open tomorrow night, and it has been a rough road.  They often seem to struggle to find enough actors to fill the roles they need.  Sometimes it’s having child actors who are good enough for an important role, sometimes it is finding enough males for a cast, sometimes it is getting actors of various ethnicities to be interested in auditioning.  Sometimes it’s the piece itself that creates difficulties, like with language and content.  But even then, community theater is a great way to open a dialogue.  ALT is going to sponsor a panel forum on Sunday after the closing matinee performance, where the community can interact with some of the people associated with the production and ask questions and talk about the issues the play covers, which I think was a brilliant idea.


Anyway.  I know it’s not really a newsflash.  Ok, it’s not at ALL a newsflash, but I love community theater.  No matter where I go or what I end up doing in my life, I hope to be involved in community theater for the rest of my life.  🙂  It’s just that awesome.


Until next time,




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