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The Things That Amaze You When You Never Leave the House! August 29, 2014

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Cappuccino Lays

Hello all!  Ok, so I really need to get out more!  Went to Wal-Mart this morning and here is a list of the Top 10 Things I Had No Idea You Could Buy at WalMart:

10. Squid

9. Octopus

8. Caviar

7. Apple Ale

6. Cappuccino flavored Lays potato chips

5. Pretzel buns for hamburgers and hot dogs

4. Naked Superfood

3. Champagne salad dressing

2. Prosciutto

1. Ketone Gummies


Disclaimer:  Some of these I have discovered only in recent weeks, some I just discovered today.  I did not actually purchase any of these.  However, cappuccino chips, pretzel buns, and champagne salad dressing are on my list of things to buy if I ever fall off the low carb wagon and go completely insane.  I have been known to let out an ear-splitting squeal of delight when I discovered that the Pretzel Dogs were back at Sonic. Not something I’m proud of, per se.  Just confessing.


So who wants to start a new program where they merely take me out all over town and show me things you cannot know exist when you live with your face stuck in a book all the time?


Until next time,


PS.  While googling images for this post, I saw an image I SWEAR has GOT to be a joke, but I’m not curious enough to look it up:  Fried Chicken Oreos. File that one under Crime Against Nature!


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