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Mama T and Crazy D’s Big Adventure August 27, 2014

Tulsa Les Mis set

Hello all!  You know what’s good about having friends?  Well, ok, there’s lots of good things about having friends, but right now, I’m thinking of two big things:  friends can support each other through difficult and scary things, and friends can have crazy amounts of fun together.  For example:


This past weekend, I got to do something I rarely get to do, and ALWAYS want to do.  I got to go on a trip with a friend.  Ok, so it was a short trip.  Basically, it was an overnight trip.  Ardmore to Tulsa and back in 24 hours or 5000 Calories.  Since I seem to be on a Forrest Gump reference role this morning, I’ll put it this way.  My ‘best good friend’ and I went to Tulsa last Friday night to see Les Miserables at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center.


Now as most of my readers know, I was actually IN a performance of Les Mis (Ok, eight performances) when Ardmore Little Theatre presented the first ever community theater production of Les Mis in Oklahoma, last year in late July.  I was just one of The Miserables, whereas my best good friend was Madame Thenardier, the Great Mean Mama.  I often now call her Mama T.


So Mama T and I left her house at about 3:45 Friday afternoon and headed for Tulsa.  She was driving, because she has a decent vehicle, and mine… well, let’s just say it’s not really up to road trips, even relatively short ones.  So we hit the road and the first thing I did was jokingly snuggle my head on her shoulder and see if I could sweet-talk her into agreeing to the latest thing the theater asked her to do, and we spent some time hashing out why she won’t do it.  Let’s just say spotlight hogging is involved. 🙂


So then we were both hungry and we started looking for ideas for somewhere to eat supper before we got to Tulsa.  Incidentally, neither of us has ANY idea what we used to do before smart phones.  The Map App and the ability to look up nearby restaurants… yeah, Invaluable here, folks.  Mama T teases me because I can barely use the map app, and she says it’s because I never get to go anywhere, which is totally true, and I don’t go many places alone, which is truer still.  Anyway, we ended up stopping in Stroud at this place called Rock Café, not to be confused with Hard Rock Café, but famous in its own right because it has been featured on Diners and Dives or something like that.  Anyway, their famous dish was a German thing called ‘jagerschnitzel and spaetzle’ which is basically a breaded pork cutlet with some brown gravy on it and little noodle balls.  It was different, and it was tasty enough for two fluffy girls who were hungry!  We also shared a southern favorite, a dish of fried green tomatoes.  Yum!


Then onward and upward we went, arrived at Tulsa right on time, went to the theater, went in, and got seated.  This was the point at which things started to get silly.  I’m pretty well known for being, let’s say, enthusiastic, at times and I had been looking forward to this whole adventure for so long!  We sat waiting for the show to start, and the theater nerd in me was basically just dying to climb up there on stage and examine their set construction, sneak backstage and see what kind of fly loft they had, and check out their scene change setup.  We got the giggles a few times, naturally, and I don’t even remember now what all our giggles were about.  I just know we never run out of things to giggle about.


Finally the show started, and we watched intently, comparing, of course, their production to our production.  Naturally they had some very good performances and some less inspiring performances, but the main reason we chose to do this whole Weekend Warrior Road Trip was that the actor who played Javert in our production had been cast as Thenardier in this one!  We loved him as Javert, of course, and were very curious to see what he would do in a completely different comic role.  Well, he was wonderful, as he always is, and after the show we met up with him and hung out and visited a bit, finally leaving when he decided he’d better get to his bed because he had to do TWO performances on Saturday, one as Javert in the cover cast performance, and one as Thenardier!  Wow, this guy is so dedicated.


After saying our goodbyes we went to our hotel room and vegged out, rehashing the show and comparing notes.  We had two big fluffy queen size beds in our room and an air conditioner that worked almost too well.  At one point we were chattering away and I was already getting drowsy (what am I talking about, already, it was nearly 2:30 in the morning!) but I was trying to keep listening to her analyzing the show.  Well apparently I dozed off when she was reading aloud from the program, and she looked across the room at me and just about flipped, because I had fallen asleep so suddenly she thought I was dead!


After that we decided we’d better sleep.  The next morning we slept in, and we had decided previously to skip breakfast in favor of going to Red Lobster for an early lunch.  Checkout was at 11:00 and we walked out at 10:59.  Whew!  The maid was only two doors down from our room.  So then we looked up the nearest RL (thank you again, smart phones!) and went for lunch.  Holy Moly!  I hadn’t been to a Red Lobster in nearly 25 years, and it was quite enjoyable, especially the famed garlic cheddar biscuits.  I chose a mixed plate of shrimp, fish, clams, and scallops, (unfortunately all breaded and fried- this was before I began my low carb thing) and she shared a bite of her crab legs and rice pilaf with me, and we split a giant, melty-center, ice cream topped chocolate chip cookie thing.  Holy Moly again!  Talk about yummy!


Finally we left and hit the road back toward home.  We chattered all the way about this and that, and finally when we were close to our destination, she suggested we go to this really neat place, The Artesian, in the next town over from hers, which happens to have a Pinkitzel cupcake place in it!  What was really funny was that not ten minutes before she suggested it, I was thinking we should go there and pick up a cupcake or two, because that is what we always do when I go to her house.  Gotta love a good tradition!  Well, we chose our cupcakes and made it to her home.  Hung out, watched some movies about English royalty, ordered a pizza.  Finally about 10:00 that evening, I got on the road toward my domicile and my chilluns.


Our long-awaited, much anticipated “Mama T and Crazy D’s Big Adventure” weekend was over.  It was a great little relaxing getaway, and I can’t wait  to do another one!

Until next time,



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