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Trying Something New. Well, Sort Of. August 25, 2014

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Hello all.  Hope everyone is having a beautiful day.  Mine is looking pretty good so far, because I have made a choice to try something and see how it works out.  So you know a while back, I posted that ‘rah-rah cheerleading, never give up, weight loss is a battle, no butt prints in the sand, go team’ post? Well, I haven’t exactly stayed on the straight and narrow I intended to stay on since that post.  I have tried, but it hasn’t really been a consistent success.  Basically, I track and watch my points the first few days after the Weight Watchers meetings, but then the weekend hits and I turn into a Tasmanian Devil. 


So anyway, several years ago I did Atkins for about a year.  I was very successful- I lost nearly 100 lbs in one calendar year.  Looking back it seemed pretty easy, except for the part where my family will never ever let me live down that “low-carb” pecan pie I tried to make for Thanksgiving.  Remind me to tell you that story sometime.  But basically I thought maybe I’d try that again.  I’m not cancelling my WW membership, and I’m going to keep going to the meetings, but I’m going to see if I can do a sort of mash-up low-carb/points tracking thing and  see how it goes. 


I went to WalMart today and bought a few things to get started with, and when I arrived at work, I made me some cheap imitation Bulletproof coffee (cheap imitation with the exception of the imported Kerrygold Irish butter- nom nom!), and a “coffee mug in the microwave” egg-whites dish involving provolone cheese and Canadian bacon. Now my little tummy feels very full and satisfied, and I am quite pleased.  Now, though, comes the part where we see how the WW points will accumulate.  Since I’ve gained so much weight back, I have a pretty high points allowance, so I think I can do this without too much deprivation.  Drumroll please……………………………………. The points total is:  9!  Yes! I can totally work with that. 


I also started a new blog.  It’s private for now, but I’m using it as a journal.  Maybe soon I will share it as a co-blog to this one.  It’s called the Low Carb Chronicles of the Fat-Headed Klingon Woman. Yeah, I thought you’d like that.  So.  Wish me all the best in this endeavor, and for now I will leave you with a totally un-weight-related Monday rant: 


People, please.  Do not ride other people’s butts when they’re going slow in the passing lane.  It’s just rude.  And it’s dangerous.  If they get ticked off and decide to tap their brakes just to teach you a lesson, you’re going to wish you’d been just a little more patient.  All it does is make you look like a jerk.  So, as my father used to like to say when he was teaching us to drive, “Just hang back and go easy.”  In fact I think I’ll make that my motto for the day.  Sounds like a good way to handle The Monday. Peace out, y’all! 


Until next time,



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