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Catching Up on the Family Traditions Series- Easter in April July 25, 2014

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Hello all!  I would be willing to bet that some of my regular readers are basically wondering when on EARTH I am going to post about something other than THEATRE!  Well… it’s your lucky day.  I realized (last night on the way home from the.. um.. place I like to go a lot that has a stage and curtains…) that I have fallen behind on my Family Traditions series!  The last one I posted was in regards to our family traditions in March, namely my dad’s birthday and how he grills burgers that make us all drool, etc.


Easter was in April this year, which means I have a fabulous opportunity to tell you how dorky our family gets on Easter.  First of all, some backstory.  Oh, come on, you knew it was coming.  So our family has always attended a church that doesn’t really put much extra special focus on Easter as a religious holiday.  The religious world celebrates Easter as a commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is great.  But in the church of Christ, in which I was raised, Easter is really not that much more special than any Sunday, because we (and some other religious groups too, I know) commemorate the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus through the Lord’s Supper, or Communion, each and every Sunday.


So Easter.  I remember back when I was a kid (waaay back in the olden times!) my mother would always stay up until ALL hours making matching dresses for my sister and me.  (Yes, that’s the correct grammar.)  So not only was she always up late sewing, she would also put together our Easter baskets.  She’d put candy and goodies in the plastic eggs, and if we’d already colored real eggs, she would put those in there for us first thing in the morning before we got up.  And generally, there was some little present in there, something special for us- a little piece of jewelry, a watch, a video, a t-shirt, a toy.  It could be anything.  There was usually also some lip balm or hand lotion from Avon.  (Or maybe I’m thinking of our Christmas stockings, but it sounds like something she would put in Easter baskets as well!)  Once my sister and I told each other what our Valentine’s Day surprise was and Mom didn’t let us have them until Easter!  I still remember, too- mine was a watch and Middle Sis’s was a Giant Hershey’s Kiss. Baby sister wasn’t around yet.


Every Easter morning we’d get up and find our new dresses and baskets laid out on the couch or dining room table, ready to enjoy.  We’d have breakfast and get ready for church, and after church we’d come home and have a nice lunch.  Seems like we often had ham and cheesy potatoes.  I think you fancy people call them au gratin.  So then she always made a dessert or two, and the star attraction was always the Lamb-ie cake.  Lamb-y.  Something.  It was a cake shaped like a lamb.  She had this old cake pan that was shaped like two lengthwise halves of a lamb.  You filled both halves with batter and when they were cooked you stuck them together and set them upright, and it looked like a little lamb lying down.  She would always tint coconut flakes green with food coloring and put it on the serving plate where it looked like the little lamb lying in the grass.  Sometimes she’d add jelly bean “eggs” in the grass, sometimes chick Peeps.  She frosted the lamb himself with white icing and covered that with coconut as well to give him a fleecy look.  And then she’d give him pretty little blue eyes and a pink nose.  He was so cute!


Once or twice in later years, the Lamb-y cake had been set out of the way so there would be room on the table for the rest of the lunch, and the dog found him and ate half of him before we could stop her.  That was always an adventure.  Other times we’d get really silly and argue over who got to eat the lamb’s rear end, or his head.  Yeah, we were sick, twisted little puppies.


Anyway.  Once lunch was finished, it was time to hunt eggs.  Mom would get all the eggs from the baskets, take them outside and hide them for us.  No place was off limits.  My parents have 15 acres, but the Hide Zone was usually restricted to the front and side yards around the house.  They’d be hidden in tail pipes of vehicles, up in trees, everywhere.  Dad would come outside to watch us hunt, and he’d be sitting in his front porch rocking chair, and usually there would be an egg actually hidden ON Dad, somewhere.  One year someone got the bright idea to hide eggs in the back yard, and someone lifted the lid of the grill and hid an egg there.  That grill wasn’t used often, because my dad has more than one, and that egg wasn’t found until barbecue season the next year!!


Now that there are grandkids in the family, it’s as competitive as ever, but I have to say here, my sisters… are devilishly competitive when it comes to egg hunting.  Seriously.  Zeroing in on the same egg as my beautiful middle sister would like as not result in a full body-check and a lost egg or two, because when she plowed over you and you lost half your eggs?  She’d pick them up! Youngest sister was not usually such a vicious competitor, but for Middle Sis it was all-out WAR, and her daughter is now the same way.  It’s hilarious to watch!


Another tradition we still have is family pictures on the front porch.  Somewhere over the years, someone got the idea to put their baskets upside down on their heads, so now every year there is at least one grandkid with the Easter basket on the head.  One of my favorite Easter pictures from my childhood years is the one that was taken the year Mom was expecting my baby sister.  For one thing, our dresses were yellow, my favorite color.  But I also love to see my mom in that picture, looking so young and adorable with her baby bump, in her black flower-printed dress. It’s amazing to think that I am ten years older now than she was when that picture was taken!

Slightly altered for comfort of publication.

Slightly altered for comfort of publication.


So.  That is how weird we get on Easter.  Baskets on heads, violent egg-hunting, fighting over lamb’s butts.  Just another day in my awesome family!  Stay tuned for the (admittedly belated) continuation of the Family Traditions series, when I talk about May:  Mothers’ Day and Youngest Sister’s birthday, and The Boy’s birthday as well.  Oh, and End-of-School celebrations, and Memorial Day family gatherings.  It’ll be action-packed, I promise!


Until next time,



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