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Standby… And Go! July 16, 2014

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Hello all.  So the Stage Manager gig is about to come to a head.  Tonight is our final full dress rehearsal, for a specially invited audience.  We have had several bumps on the journey to this destination.  We had to cancel one practice because too many people were absent.  We were about three lines into our first full dress rehearsal two nights ago when a car hitting an electric pole down the block put power out in the entire neighborhood.  We have had really rough scene changes, rough acting moments, and technical snafus, but finally we are here.  One more opportunity tonight to fix the bugs, and then we give seven performances over the next two weekends for a paying audience.


Despite the difficulties, I’ve really enjoyed it.  I’ve learned so much about acting, staging a show, costume and makeup tricks, technical things, and how to relate to a variety of different people, different types of people.  I’ve learned that I love being the one with all the answers, or at least the one everyone looks to for answers, even when I don’t have them.  I’ve learned that I love encouraging and building people up, but that every once in a while I can be a ranting hag. Rarely.  I think mostly I’ve learned I really want to do this again, and someday when I’m ready, maybe direct a show.


For the time being though, my interest is in returning to the stage to try acting again.  I really want to audition for the next production, but I also know my family needs my attention and my time.  It’s more important that I get reacquainted with my three children (ages 20, 20, and 13, all still at home) than that I satisfy my need for a social life and hobby outside the house.  I really want to be able to balance both.  Somehow other people do it, so I should be able to, also.


Looking forward to seeing how it all comes together tonight and hoping I can get through it without a heart attack or something.  Break a leg, guys!!

Until next time,



2 Responses to “Standby… And Go!”

  1. Brandi Edmonds Says:

    DeeAnne.. I think that it is important for you to pursue your own wishes and let your adult children see that it is important to nurture yourself.. That being said… You can also get them involved in what you are doing and do it together the first time so they see how fulfilling it is to you… Waiting on the box office to open so I can get tickets..

    • Hi, Brandi!! Thanks for reading and commenting. You’re right, of course. They need to see that example of me pursuing what fills my cup and find things that do the same for them. I’ve tried to get the girls interested in the theater, and at least so far they’ve watched every show I’ve either been in or been backstage on, and they have enjoyed them, but they’re too shy to get on the boards themselves. 🙂 Hope you enjoy the show! Thanks again for reading!

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