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Blogging Challenge Has Flown By: Catching Up with U through Y! April 29, 2014

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Hello all.  I refuse to just abandon the A-Z challenge completely.  I thought about it, but then I decided I didn’t want to be a Slacky McSlacksALot and give it up so close to the end.  So I’m going to give it my best shot to get caught up today and finish strong tomorrow.  U to Y.  Here we go:


U- Under the Tuscan Sun

I have just put this movie on my ‘next up to watch’ list.  A friend of mine has been loaning me some movies recently, and the first two were all romantic, mooshy, schloopy movies about running away and living in Italy and France.  You know the types- their cinematography is all golden light,  drenched in olive oil and red wine, and everyone has wavy hair and wears white tank tops and peasant skirts.  Well, duh!  Who wouldn’t want to go exist in a world like that?  Makes me wonder if people who actually do live in Italy and France really know how good they have it?  Then again, on some days, in certain lights, if you tilt your head and squint, and perhaps take a hit of some tribal herb, my home state is beautiful in its own right. (I’m absolutely kidding about the tribal herb, by the way.)  Oh, incidentally, the first two movies were A Good Year and Midnight In Paris.  Also The Tango Lesson, which is basically a 2-hour recruiting speech for Argentinian tango lessons.  And a very effective one, I might add. You watch and go, “Holy cow, what I wouldn’t give to be able to move like that and with that much passion!”


V- Veggies!

V is for Veggies with a Capital V.  Veggies is the local health food store here in town, and I am at this very moment staring at the empty take-out container on my desk that, an hour ago, had my Big, Lovely, Healthful, Nutritious, Mostly Organic salad in it.  They have this lunch café’ there in the health food store, and each day Mama Mary, the owner, creates two soups, an entrée, a dessert, and a salad bar that would make you drool in your socks.   You can make your own salad, or if you’re slightly hungrier, a creation they call a Haystack, which is a salad built on top of blue corn chips, vegetarian baked beans, and vegan “cheezy” sauce.  Anyway.  It is all vegan, organic as much as possible, and homemade fresh from scratch.  Veggies is my favorite place to go when I need to treat myself to a healthful lunch.  One salad probably has a whole day’s worth of nutrients in it.  I would eat there every single day, if I could afford it, and there we discover the only drawback:  it’s relatively expensive.  The salad is sold by the pound, and if you pile on all the salad toppings, you could easily spend more than you would like.  But honestly?  It’s totally worth it. If I ever won the lottery, I might hire Mary as my personal chef.


W- Woebegone

Ok, I just now thought of this as a word to write about, and I know it’s silly.  But look at it.  It’s a word that describes someone who looks sad and down, but the individual components of the word, (woe, be, gone) taken together should describe a person who is feeling exactly the opposite, right?  I know, I need therapy or something, but really.  Woebegone is a weird word.  😉


X- X Factor

Is that show still on?  I never watched it anyway.  I googled a list of words that start with X and none of them looked compelling or had any definitions handy.  I started to write about the ‘x’ in algebra, because my son is learning division in math and it’s driving him crazy, so I dread algebra like the plague.  I mean I dread when he starts having to learn it.  I guess I should try to remember what I was preaching to him today on the way to school:  don’t dread it, because that only predispositions your mind to a negative perception of the event.  Life is much, MUCH easier to handle when you maintain a positive outlook.



People seem to have a love-hate relationship with this little acronym.  Half the people love it, and half the people hate it, I think.  It stands for You Only Live Once, which is obviously true (unless you believe in reincarnation) but what exactly do they mean by it?  Those people who are always hashtagging it every time they post about something they perhaps consider daring or brave or, dare we say it, stupid, on the social media of their choice.  Do they mean “you only live once, so do every stupid thing you possibly can, so that when you die, people scratch their heads and say ‘It’s a wonder he lasted this long.'”?  Or do they mean “you only live once, so make the best choices you can, because regret is a bad thing to live with, but a worse thing to die with.”?  I’m sure there is a much deeper discussion to have on the connotations of this popular little phrase, but I’m just kind of skimming the surface today.  For me, YOLO means this is the only life you get, so make it a good one.


Ok, so tomorrow I will try to come up with a Z-post that will be both well thought out and entertaining, and finish the April A-Z Blogging Challenge with finesse.  And then we will get back to our regularly scheduled programming.


Until next time,




One Response to “Blogging Challenge Has Flown By: Catching Up with U through Y!”

  1. Abby Says:

    LOL; you are so right about woebegone! It should totally mean the opposite.

    Good luck with Z. I’m still drawing a blank on that one.

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