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A-Z Day 3- Community Theater, Cousins, and Cookies! April 4, 2014


Hello all! Just a quick word while I am waiting for rehearsal to start. I know I haven’t mentioned it, but I am helping backstage on our charity fundraising production of Smokey Joe’s Café with Ardmore Little Theater.  Due to an unexplainable series of events, I arrived at the theater much earlier than strictly necessary.  That being the case, I thought maybe I could take this opportunity to throw a post out there for the A to Z challenge, Day 3.


And…I got nothin’.  I started to write about cookies, because I stopped in at Subway for supper, and I bought a lovely, healthy-ish sandwich, and made it a combo with apple slices, but boy! Those macadamia nut/white chocolate chip cookies were calling my name.  I resisted them like a boss, and I am quite proud. However, there is a distinct possibility I would sell my left arm for some sugar. Addiction sucks. Can I just say this?


The theater’s next production after Smokey Joe’s is The 39 Steps. Crazy comedy at its finest. I will not be helping backstage on that one. I will probably help with building just a few set pieces, but that will be it. After that, a brief respite and then the big summer musical.  We did Les Mis last year, which I was in, and of course we will never top it. But next summer is Grease.  I might audition, even though there are very few roles for adults in that show. Mostly teenagers. We’ll see.


Oh, perhaps you are wondering about that picture at the top.  I posted that on my Facebook timeline for “Throwback Thursday,” as the young’uns say.  It is me and all my siblings and cousins up to that point.  It was taken in about 1982 and I think we got a few more cousins after that.  Were we rockin’ the style or what? 🙂


Until next time,



2 Responses to “A-Z Day 3- Community Theater, Cousins, and Cookies!”

  1. Hi there!

    I am also doing the A to Z Challenge and focusing on picture books because I am a children’s picture book author. Good luck with the challenge!

    Take care,

    Donna L Martin

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