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A-Z Day 1: Air and Aggravation April 1, 2014

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Hello all!  Thank you for stopping by.  Today is the first day of the A-Z Challenge, and I will open with this:  Air.  As in breathing.  As in what I have to do when I am as Aggravated as I have been today.  Between craziness at work, financial stuff, cranky kids, weight loss failures, and the fact that my bedroom suddenly smells like cat pee tonight, I am getting pretty stressed out.  And also, I am late getting started with the challenge, since it is nearly 11pm on the first day and I am just now posting.  That aggravates me as well.


I am hoping I will have improved at this by the end of the month.  My usual writing/blogging style is such that I don’t usually post unless I have something specific and important on my mind.  This is, of course, why I have had several months where I only had one or two entries.  Anyway.  It is definitely a challenge for me to come up with something to say and not struggle with the feeling that whatever I have written is somehow not good enough to post.  I will be working on that this month.  I’m looking forward to growing and improving over the course of this challenge and having something worth looking back on when May 1 rolls around.  In the meantime, I guess I’ll just keep breathing.  In…out…in…out.  I can do this.


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