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Family Traditions Series- February February 13, 2014

valentines dayHello all!  I have to admit to being quite disappointed with myself, given that I wanted to become more active with my writing this year, and my last post was New Year’s Day, and tomorrow is Valentine’s Day (a.k.a. Singles Awareness Day) but really, does this surprise anyone at all?  No?  Ok, didn’t think so.  Moving on.


Ah, February.  The month of Love.  Or if you’re single and hate it, the month for trying really hard not to resent the heck out of everyone who seems to be happily in love.  Or if you’re single and love it, the month for celebrating NOT having to deal with all the angst of the Big Lovers’ Holiday:  What should I get him? …  What if he doesn’t like it? … What if he didn’t get me anything? … Why in the world am I even with this freak-tard anyway?  You know, stuff like that.


On the other hand, when most of your Valentine’s Day traditions center around family, now that’s a love-holiday you can celebrate.  Take my family, for example.  For the majority of my children’s lives, it has been just me and them.  I have frequently (when funds allowed) acknowledged this holiday by buying them numerous things they really didn’t need, such as balloons, stuffed animals, chocolate, and the occasional Disney DVD.  I could not tell you at this moment if they remember any of it.  But I did it.  Family tradition.  Also, tradition for almost any holiday for which I buy things for my children dictates that I put it off until the last possible minute, which explains the sight of me at the store at 7:00 p.m. on February 13, picking through the last, smooshy, pitiful mylar balloons and the ugly, weird stuffed animals that nobody wanted, trying to pick three that my three little darlings might vaguely enjoy and appreciate.


A much different family tradition revolves around an event very similar to last month’s family tradition of the church New Year’s party.  (Yes, my church has get-togethers for every occasion.)  In February, they always have a “Valentine’s Fellowship.”  Now this little party has gone through several variations over the years.  When I was younger they had such themes for this evening as 1) a potluck dinner where the men do all the cooking and all the women have to do is show up, (always a plus, except for the risk of men cooking) 2) a mystery dinner where all the components were given silly names and you chose your menu ahead of time without knowing what it actually was and you were served what you chose in the order you chose it (which meant if you weren’t careful, your first course might be a pat of butter and you might not get your spoon or fork until the end of the meal), and finally 3) catered at the church building by various local restaurants.  Also continuously in flux was the identity of the intended attendees. (Ha- say that five times fast!)  Who was the party for, really?  Married and dating couples only?  The whole family?  Anyone and everyone?  WHO!!???


But eventually they got past all questions and creativity, and decided to make it a fellowship for the entire congregation, where we simply either have something catered and brought to the church building, or we all get together and go out to a restaurant somewhere.  They have probably had this every year since I was a child, and sometimes my family went and sometimes they didn’t, but when we did it was almost always a good time.  If it was being held at the church building, there were sometimes games, like picking up candy hearts by sucking on a straw and depositing them in a little bowl. Also ever-popular was the Newlywed Game.  Sometimes that one could get scary, the fact that these are church people at a church party in a church building notwithstanding!


I don’t think I have personally participated in this fellowship in a couple of years, but apparently it is still a popular gathering.  Last Saturday evening a total of 35 people from our congregation descended en masse upon a little Mexican restaurant downtown called Casa Romo.  Daughter J. and her boyfriend went, and based upon the stories we were regaled with at church services the next day, a good time was had by all.  I appreciate that my church has things like this.  I do.  I think it’s great.  Maybe one of these days I will get back into the habit of going to these little parties.  But for now, they serve as the source of a long history of fun and funny memories.


What are your favorite February traditions?

Until next time,



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