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Family Traditions Series- January! January 1, 2014

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New Year Sunrise

New Year Sunrise (Photo credit: joka2000)

Hello all, and Happy New Year!  I wanted to start the new year by becoming more active in a lot of different areas, and writing is one of them!  So on this first day of a new year, I want to start off a new series I will be doing each month, and talk about traditions.  In contrast to the hope and freshness of a new year stretching out in front of all of us, I want to take a moment to look at some of my family’s traditions and share them with you.  My plan is to look at each month, and any holiday or birthday or other milestone that falls within that month, I will describe in detail with regard to traditions my family has shared over the years.  So let’s just talk about January, shall we?


With very few exceptions, my new years have started exactly the same way for as long as I can remember:  at church.  My church has always had a party, also known as a fellowship, or game night, on December 31st.  We meet at the church building.  No particular time- whenever everyone wants to show up, but most people get there by about 8:00 p.m.  There is food.  Lots and LOTS of food.  Rotel cheese dip, Little Smokies, pigs in a blanket, chips, dips, salsa, fruit, cookies, sandwiches, pinwheels, and pizza.  For starters!


There are also games.  For as long as I can remember, there have been groups of people playing dominoes, cards, and various board games as they passed through phases of popularity.   There have been homemade games, puzzles, and kid games.  The competition is always fierce.  Everyone is out to win, but it is always noisy, friendly, and happy.  The teenagers and kids have alternated between forming their own games and joining in with the older folks and learning the old games.  My own tradition for the past few years is to bring a puzzle. I usually don’t finish it, but last night I did, because it was only a 300 piece puzzle.

Here's this year's finished work. :)

Here’s this year’s finished work. 🙂


Back in the old days when I was a kid, they would bring a rolling cart with a TV and VCR into the auditorium (some of you know it as the sanctuary), and the younger kids would watch movies.  Nowadays, they have the film screen they can pull down, and they have the projector mounted to the ceiling, hooked to a computer system in the back with all the sound, and they just pop in a DVD.  Wow, times change, don’t they?


All of this would continue until shortly before midnight.  Games, grazing, movies would all stop and we would all go into the auditorium and sit together at the front.  One of our regular song leaders would get up and lead us in singing a few church songs (hymns).  We would continue to sing until midnight had passed.  We’d all say Happy New Year, families and friends would give hugs and kisses, and then someone would say a prayer for the new year, and we’d go clean up the fellowship hall and get home before the crazies hit the road!


My family has always gone to this party as long as I can remember.  Over the years, it has been canceled a few times due to icy weather, and once or twice I made the choice to miss all or part of it and spend time with other friends elsewhere.  As an adult, there have been times when my parents have gone out of town after Christmas, and I have gone to the New Year’s Game Night with my kids without my parents there.  My sisters have long since moved and formed their own traditions, but this is still a regularly expected part of my life.


On New Year’s Day, our traditions have been a little less regular, but it seems like we used to get up the next day after the church new year’s party, and Mom would make ham and au gratin potatoes.  I don’t remember the black eyed peas being such a big deal when I was very young, but the older I got, I realized everybody made a big deal of eating black eyed peas on New Year’s Day for good luck.  Now, I’m not sure I believe in luck, but we always followed the tradition.


One year, Mom found a recipe for a “Good Luck” Bean Soup that included the black eyed peas.  She made the soup mix and we ate it on New Year’s Day.  I don’t remember exactly what all happened that year, but it seemed like it was the WORST year our family had had in a long time.  So the next year, we had a ceremonial ‘throwing of the beans’ event in which we all took a handful of the dry bean soup mix she had made up and FLUNG it into the woods as far as we could! We still laugh about that.


Those are just a few of my family’s January traditions.  We are a strong, tight family.  Sometimes we might have our problems, but we have a lot of love.  I wish each and every one of you strong family ties and unfaltering love from those you call your family.

Love to all!

Until next time,



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