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Saying Goodbye to Another Successful Production! November 4, 2013

Back row, L-R: Ezra, William, DeeAnne, Savannah, Bobby, Roger. Front Row, L-R: Denise, Ruth, Terri, Chelsae, Zac.

Hello all!  It has been a while, but I have returned.  My latest endeavor, my first attempt at acting, is now in the history books.  Ardmore Little Theatre’s premiere production of Secrets of the Buttermilk Hotel ended its run yesterday with a matinee performance at 2:30.  Sigh.  Now what?


I really enjoyed it though.  From the first read-through to the end of set-strike, I have had a great experience.  Meeting new people is always great, and there were several I didn’t know on this production.  AND… nights on end spent hanging out with the people I already know and love = always a plus.  🙂


A couple of nights ago, we were hanging out after the show, and some of the group were already talking about the next production, which is Young Frankenstein, and for which auditions don’t take place until the first week of January. I expressed my feeling that I wasn’t sure I had it in me to audition again.  I have done one musical and one play, and it took just about all I had to get up there and audition on those two occasions.  At that moment, talking about it the other night, I just couldn’t picture having the guts to get up there another time.  BUT.  (There’s always a BUT) Last night when I got home from set-strike, I was still covered with sawdust and I was already sitting there wondering what song I might use if I DID audition.  So yeah, definitely hooked, I’m afraid.


But for the time being, I am just happy and content to have had such a successful and enjoyable time in my first play.  Here are some pics of the cast and the set.

Buttermilk cast photo2

Characters: Luna Mooney/Della, Finis Whitless, Donald Wayne Pugh, Floyd Gallaway/Hank Treadwell, Delphine Sykes, Cecil Pickens, Betty Jean McWheaton, J.H. Haynes. (Front) Emily Rake, Madame Zolavitch, Sarah Rake.

Buttermilk at night

Stage creation at its best!

Just to demonstrate how quickly the changeover happens- 24 hours after the show ends, the stage is clean and bare  again.

































The hardest part was not cracking up when the audience would laugh.  When we were doing something that we knew was funny, and was absolutely intended to draw laughs, I always had a hard time keeping a straight face.  But I think the absolute best moment, when there was just ZERO chance of maintaining composure and staying in character… I swear, it was just like the Carol Burnett show,  we had a sound glitch, and a recorded clip of a character pretending to speak into a microphone was played as the longer version instead of the shorter version we were expecting!  It just went on and on, and as we cracked up, the audience caught on that it was not supposed to be happening that way and that we couldn’t NOT laugh, they laughed with us and absolutely roared! It was great!  I guess I can put that on the list of things I still have to learn:  how not to crack up when our efforts are doing what they’re supposed to do- getting laughs!


Anyway.  I had a great time, I love this place, I love these people, and I can’t wait to work on the next one!


Until next time,


Our fearless leader, our beloved director and friend, Carl Clark, of the Moonlight Writers.

Our fearless leader, our beloved director and friend, Carl Clark, of the Moonlight Writers.



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