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As Someone Once Said… I HAVE RETURNED! October 11, 2013


This was the beach area of the resort where we stayed.

Hello all!  Ok, I’m not sure if anyone ever actually said that or not.  I have heard it all my life and never bothered to look it up.  Oh, right.  Soo not the point.  Sorry.  What I MEANT to say was that I am HOME from The Blathering 2013!  Charleston! Ocean Breezes! (Gulf breezes, anyway.) Palmettos, and their identically named bugs! So many other single words with exclamation points I could throw in there that nobody would get unless they were present!  (Note:  this is going to turn out to be more of a trip report than a recap and so might run a little long.)


It was fun.  Really, really fun.  I started out a little iffy.  My mom drove me to the airport in Dallas.  (Love Field, if you’re interested.) We spent what felt like a lifetime stuck in traffic, couldn’t FIND the airport, but finally got a clue by calling the airport for directions.  You GUYS! I know.  I have a smart phone.  Yellow case and all.  But seriously.  My battery sucks itself down like cheap wine and for some reason my maps app is completely not at all clear to me.  I don’t know how to make it work right. (which explains why I had to be escorted halfway back to my departure point at the end of the weekend, but more on that later.)


So we finally got to the airport, Mom booted me out at the curb, I heaved my suitcase out of the back of the truck (yes, we were in a pickup truck.  Southern, ya’ll.)  I checked in, checked my bag, got to security.  Took off all my shoes and junk, stuffed everything in a tray, fed it through the machine, walked through the scanner, and when I walked to the end of the table to get my tray, it’s not there.  It’s been pulled to the side with another tray, and right in front of me, I see and hear two security guys get all nervous and wide-eyed-looking at each other, and then one of them speaks into an electronic gadget and from across the room I hear a shriek:  “ALL STOP!!” and literally everyone in the immediate area freezes.  Just freezes.  Security people are swooping in from everywhere and discussions are held in Serious Undertone and apparently there are images with no corresponding bags.  Or something.  Whatever it is, it takes them a good solid ten minutes to figure it out, they have to scan my bag through another machine, and eventually I am sent on my way with thanks for my patience.  Patience, HA!  If they could have taken a blood pressure reading on me, they would not have thought I was so patient.


So I threw my stuff back in the bag, stomped back into my shoes, ran to find a monitor, sprinted up the stairs, trotted toward my assigned gate, and… missed my boarding group.  I had been in Group A but they were almost through B before I got there.  Nevertheless, I got a seat, next to a nice looking lady who, THANKFULLY, had chosen to sit in the middle seat, her traveling companion being in the window seat.  So I sat, and tried to compose myself.  Posted to Facebook:  “On the plane. Taking off in a few. BP in the stratosphere. Prayers appreciated! Love to all….”  During takeoff I was thinking about how they say there are no atheists in foxholes, and I thought it’s surprising that they can’t say that about airplanes too.  When you really think about it, it’s kind of amazing.  How does something that big and heavy get up in the air? And stay up?  Yeah, I know, it has to do with physics or something.  So anyway, I prayed when we took off, and it was fine, as I knew it would be, but then… I got a little emotional.  Something about the ‘traveling by myself’ thing, which I was doing for the first time.  It was exciting and fun, but also a little sad.  I wished I could be going somewhere with a Significant Other.  I thought about the people I like from the theater and wondered what it would be like if I were going on a trip with someone like that.  About off-color jokes and funny remarks they would whisper in my ear as we took off, to keep me from being nervous.  About the things we would enjoy experiencing together in a new city.  I wondered if I would ever have that.  So yeah, maybe a bit selfish, but that is where my thoughts were at the time.


BUT.  Not to get too off track with the story here, (or is it way too late for that?) I made it through the quick flight to Houston, was late getting to the gate for the next leg, but thankfully, one of my roommates was on the same flight and had made it there in a more timely manner and was saving me a seat. (Thanks, S.E.G.!)  She texted me and posted to the Fb group, and I was in the tunnel trying to get to the plane, and she was super relieved to have that piece of information!  So I made it onboard and we hugged and proceeded to chat.  Lord, I felt sorry for the people around us, y’all.  I am pretty sure we were silent for approximately 30 seconds total of that entire flight.


But we made it to Charleston, claimed our luggage, met the girl who was picking us up, and the other girl who was riding with us (Erin! Arwen!)  and made it to the hotel.  It was pretty funny immediately- the girls from cooler climates were like, “Ohmygod it’s so hot!” and us Southern girls were like, “Wow, this is so nice!”



My room made me happy! So. Yellow!!

But we got to the resort, checked in, rested in our room, which was happy and yellow!  We explored outside, walked on the dock.  Our other roommate (Ginger!) arrived at some point in there and we headed downtown for exploring and supper.  I really enjoyed walking around downtown Charleston.  So many interesting things to see and street names I had mostly heard in Gone With The Wind and its spinoffs.  We ended up having dinner at the Charleston Crab House, which was really good.  I had already abandoned all intention of even pretending to be on Weight Watchers that weekend, and my first food in Charleston was a seafood linguini alfredo drenched in cheese. I know.  But it was super good.  Our table was on the rooftop, which would become another theme on the trip.  We spent a lot of time on rooftops.  Apparently it’s a thing.


This was my first dinner in Charleston- taken at sunset from the roof of the Charleston Crab House.


After dinner we walked, and walked, and walked, which was good, but tiring.  Some of us were supposed to do a ghost tour later that evening, and several of the potential tourists were too pooped by the time the tour finally rolled around.  But we did our fair share of walking, stumbled across a TV series being filmed, (sources report it was the series, Reckless. ?) and finally joined the other group before some of us took off on the ghost tour.  I was developing blisters on my feet by this time, but the ghost tour was enjoyable.  It was a little hokey, but fun.  The tour guide clearly spent hours looking in the mirror practicing his wide-eyed spooky face and voice, but it was fun.  I didn’t find out until a few days after returning home that all that walking had netted me 8 (EIGHT!) WW activity points on my ActiveLink monitor.  Go, me!


After that there was a rooftop bar, a chatty cab lady, and a collapse into bed.  Next morning was brunch at Eli’s Table (where I had grits for the first time- they were awesome).  Things kind of begin to run together at this point, but there was a lot of walking around downtown, souvenir buying, fudge eating, water taxi riding, salami sitting, sailor hats, glow glasses, bowling balls, buzzy beverages, weddings, drunk douche-y wedding guests, popsicles, pineapple fountains, more souvenir buying, doughnuts, Shrimp and Grits, and yellow.  Lots of talk about yellow.  That’s just me.  I have a feeling that some of the girls I hung out with will immediately think of me every time they hear the word yellow from now until eternity.


This is apparently one of the big attractions of Waterfront Park.


I hadn’t managed to find time to do any of the tours I had hoped to do other than the ghost tour, but I woke up early enough on Sunday to go down to the resort dock and watch the sunrise and try to spend some time in reflection and contemplation.  I tried, I really did, but I couldn’t really get my brain to shut down.  But here is one of the pictures I took of that time.



On Sunday after the Farewell Doughnuts, when we got ready to leave it was hard to figure out what everyone wanted to do, but we ended up just going downtown and finding lunch at a nice place called Lowcountry Bistro.  That was where the Shrimp and Grits came in, complete with fried green tomatoes on top.  They were wonderful, and apparently they are yet another Southern Thing I had no idea about, but I really enjoyed them.  When lunch was finished, I needed to go pick up my suitcase from one of the girls’ hotel, (Jess!) and catch a cab to the airport, and bless their hearts, those girls had to practically walk halfway back to the hotel with me to make sure I was pointed in the right direction.  So serious, y’all, I am so bad with directions there should be medical treatment for it.  A pill, an injection, hypnotic therapy, something!


My overall impression was this:  it was a great weekend full of fun new things, new people, and adventures.  I can see how these ladies look forward to being together again each year, and how this becomes the one big getaway of the year for some of them.  I had a hard time joining in and being part of the group at first.  That’s just me- I can talk forever, but I’m shy.  I like to sit back and watch and listen at first.  The first day or two after I got home, I kept thinking it was fun enough, but not something I would probably do again, just because it seemed extravagant and expensive to go spend a long weekend with a bunch of folks I really don’t know that well and sit there feeling shy and awkward and worrying that they will think I’m a snob.  Most of them were younger and still had small kiddos, and I just wasn’t in the same place in life as a lot of them.  And yet…there were similar experiences- pregnancy loss, marriage issues, complicated relationships, crossroads of faith and religion.  I ended up having really great conversations with some of these ladies about these things and more, and now as I write this, I’m thinking I would love to go back again.   The next event will be in Seattle in 2014, and if things work out right, I really do think I would do it all again.


So thanks again to all the wonderful ladies I met, those I talked to and those I didn’t, but especially to my roommates and those who took me under their wings.  You made it a great experience, and I hope to see you again someday.


Ginger, Tara, Sonya and myself (far left), Saturday night dinner at The Alley.


Until next time,



5 Responses to “As Someone Once Said… I HAVE RETURNED!”

  1. Jen Says:

    I’m so glad that you think you’d go again! I feel a little bit extravagant about the whole thing too, having my husband take vacation to be with the baby while I go play. But overall, I think it was worth it for me and hope I’ll see you in Seattle! It is amazing how much common ground there is for a bunch of women from all over. Hopefully we’ll see you on Twitter more 🙂

    • Hi! Thanks for reading… I was totally going to ask someone to give me a crash course in Twitter while we were there. I know that is the big thing, but I still just haven’t ever quite “gotten” it yet. Still more of a Fb person. But I will definitely try to figure it out! 🙂

      Thanks again for reading and for being part of my First Blathering!

  2. My favorite color is yellow too but I don’t think I love it NEARLY as much as you do! I was so glad to meet you and laugh with you. 🙂

  3. […] traveled to Charleston, SC to spend a weekend with a bunch of people I didn’t know, and it turned out AMAZING.  Even before that, though, I did the unthinkable.  I auditioned for community theater.  I got […]

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