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Entering New Stages October 1, 2013

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Hello all!  So you know how I’ve been talking about community theater constantly since about May?  And how I talked in this entry, and this one, about auditioning for the next production?  Well, I did it.  I was pretty nervous at first, and I only did it because I promised a friend, who is somewhat of a theater evangelist (meaning he seems hell-bent (pun intended) on converting people to being theater-addicted, stage-loving crazy people like himself).  So I promised this friend I would try out for the current play.  I went to auditions, TWO nights in a row, and read.  And read.  AND READ.  The director tried every person who auditioned in almost every role combo imaginable.  Despite my earlier nerves, once I relaxed and ignored certain people in the audience who intimidate me, it was actually a lot of fun.*

Part of me doesn’t really want to mention that we knew at the end of the second night of auditions that we were all going to be cast, because there were barely enough people auditioning to make the full cast.  But that was the case.  The director said we were all in, but they had to decide who got which roles.  So, I was thrilled.  My second Little Theater production! Woo hooo!  I was expecting one of the supporting roles, because, you know, it’s my first time and all.  Les Mis just barely counts, because I didn’t have to speak and had to act only minimally.  But… the director had other plans.


After considering all the possibilities, all the different combinations of actors in different roles, yours truly was cast as the second female lead!!!  My character is ‘Betty Jean McWheaton,’ one of the four co-owners of an old, faded-glory hotel in a tiny town in Oklahoma.  So far we have done one read-through and three nights of blocking.  Already, it has been a blast.  We try to actually get work done, but then we start goofing around, trading quips and zingers, laughing and over-acting, and just having all kinds of fun.  We have only 4 weeks and two days until the play opens on Halloween night.  My friend who converted me is also in the play, in a very small part, and I am close friends with several others involved in the production, so it is already a good thing.  I can’t wait to see how much I learn and grow from this.


In other news, I leave for Charleston the day after tomorrow! I have recently been much more involved with getting to know the other women who are attending the event via the official Facebook group.  Everyone is very excited and I think it is going to be a great time.


And here’s something else new.  I haven’t talked much about my kiddos lately, but one of them has just taken a huge step toward gaining her independence and getting ready to start crafting her life into what she wants it to be:  Daughter J. got a job!  She had her first day, a sort of trial run, today and loved it.  She’s working at a pet grooming place, bathing the dogs and blow-drying them.  She is really tickled to be working with animals, and all her friends and family are super proud of her.  She also actually took the driver’s permit test for the first time.  Didn’t pass, but it was a big deal for her just to try.  Her learning and developmental difficulties are definitely not going to hold her back.  She is a girl with a plan, and I am pretty sure nothing is going to get in her way.  Just like me, she is entering a whole new stage!


Be on the lookout for Adventures In Charleston, when I return from The Blathering 2013.  I am sure I will have some great stories, but also, I think the other ladies will agree that what happens at The Blathering… oh, who am I kidding?  They will blog about every moment! 🙂  But I am so looking forward to the event, and to my “real” acting debut, in The Secrets of the Buttermilk Hotel, in its world premiere on the Ardmore Little Theater Stage, co-written and directed by Carl Clark, of the Moonlight Writers!


Until next time,



My “star” vehicle! Ha!


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