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Not Quite Ready to Say Goodbye July 15, 2013

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Well, the time has come.  The play opens on Thursday, and this motley crew, as they called us last night in tech rehearsal, only has two more weeks and 8 performances together.  That’s a bittersweetness I didn’t know existed.


I keep thinking back to those early days of rehearsing, when we sat grouped by voice parts like a choir, barely knew each other, so awkward, so unsure.  Repeating the music over and over, it felt like this moment was forever away.  We didn’t know who was who, what their lives were, what they were capable of showing on the stage.  After weeks of singing, blocking, and The Grind, we know so much more.


Now we know that that Nate can make us laugh and cry in the same five minutes.  We know Lee bounces around like Tigger, J0-Jo likes doing pirouettes, William is a joyful clown, and Savannah’s just a standout at everything.  We know that Brigette has a great scream, and Bryn has a high note, but Brian doesn’t; we know that Brian can ACT.  We know Carl is the Set Construction Guru of all time.  We know that trust-falls and carrying “dead” bodies off stage are nerve wracking, and it’s hard to know where to put your hands.  We know that Denise is the queen of props and the Grand Dame of Madam Thenardier’s.  We know that Daniel is wickedly funny and Richard could probably do a one-man version of the show, possibly in his sleep; that Joel is the King of Theater and Collin is the Prince of Pimps.  We know that Dell is a passionate director, and Jeff has the patience of Job.  In short, we were a crowd of strangers.  Now… we are friends.


I have learned so much about theater that I had never known.  I learned about upstage and downstage, fly-ins, prop tables, “thank you Five” and “thank you Places.”  I learned that set strike is often a nightmare to be dreaded, and theater cast mate crushes are common.  I have learned that snafus and glitches and marathon rehearsals are part of the process, and cold pizza can taste like a godsend.


In all of that, what have I learned about me?  I’ve learned that I love this place.  I’ve learned that I can get kind of down when things seem to be falling apart, but I can be a great cheerleader.  I have loved meeting these people, and I can’t believe how much I will miss them when they are no longer a part of my daily life.  I have loved seeing how devoted people are to something larger than themselves.  I have learned that you have to be brave, to reach out, push, stretch, reach, climb.  And when you do, it feels like victory.  I have been blessed to meet the most generous, compassionate, giving, dedicated people and to begin to love them just a little.


We have only a few more days of rehearsals, but I know this group, and we will be ready.  To say this is one of the best things I have ever done…is putting it mildly.  To the cast and crew of Ardmore Little Theater’s production of Les Misérables:   Break a Leg, and Vive La France!

Much love and all my best,



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