The Therapy Journals of the Fat-Headed Klingon Woman

One woman's journey to becoming Her True Self

That the Powerful Play Goes On… July 3, 2013

English: Les Miserables at Queen's Theatre, as...

English: Les Miserables at Queen’s Theatre, as seen in the day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello all!  My long lost friends!  I do apologize for the dearth of updates lately- being in The Play has taken up all my free time, but Oh! I am having so much fun.  Rehearsals, set construction, hanging out with the cast after hours.  New people!  New challenges!  Bravery, adventure, music, romance.  Well, not that last one yet.  But I have been eyeballing someone specific with an idea toward potentially asking him out if he doesn’t ask me before the end of the show.  I have no idea if he knows or not, but sadly, I don’t think I have a ‘subtle’ setting.  I always fear that the entire world knows the contents of my heart, merely from the look in my eyes, but I could be exaggerating.  I have no doubt whatsoever that this person has seen the ‘schoolgirl crush’ look a hundred times, at least.


But anyway.  The progress on the play has been bumpy, chaotic, frenetic, and always a little off-kilter from what I expected, but I feel that it will all come together by the time we close.  I mean, open.  🙂  Of course I mean open.


And then of course after the close of the play, it’s only two months until The Blathering!  Still very excited about that, and occasionally perusing Charleston ghost tours and carriage tours, and all those other fascinating things that I hope to accomplish during a long weekend in a strange city I’ve never set foot in before, to say nothing of traveling there alone, with not a soul I know along for the ride.


I started thinking about it, and if you remember, in the last few years I have set theme goals for my personal development.  2010 was Transformation, 2011 was Action.  I basically floundered during 2012- the girls’ graduation and the cruise were the high points, but my weight loss efforts and potential relationships I was exploring were big disappointments.  But I think I have finally decided on a theme for 2013.  Even though the year is half over, I am naming this the year of Exploration.  Between the play, the trip to Charleston, and changes to my thoughts, ideas, and beliefs on some things, this has been a year for me to just try my wings, so to speak.  I am taking risks and accepting challenges, and finding new ways to create who I am.  Doesn’t that actually sound like a great thing?


It will be interesting to see where the road goes from here!  One thing I know, dress rehearsal for the play is two weeks from tonight.  Whatever happens, I will forever be thankful I was brave enough to give this a shot!


Until next time,



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