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Well, Guess What? March 15, 2013

Designing Women

Designing Women (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello all.  I’m not feeling particularly wordy today, but I wanted to post an update to my recent entry, A Postcard From the Edge, and share that it turned out that I was not ripped off after all.  Can you believe it?  I received an email the other day with a tracking number, which I tracked, and which by all appearances turned out to be an actual tracking number, attached to an actual package, which was actually on its way to me!  Wonder of wonders.  It was delivered today, and although I haven’t seen it myself, since it arrived after I was at work, it seems that I received what I ordered, and for this I am very, VERY happy.  It erases the sting of feeling like a complete idiot for not being more cautious when making purchases online.


It has been quite the odyssey, really.  During the days after I had last heard from this company, and they had told me that they would send me the tracking number as soon as it was available, and a couple of days went by and I heard nothing, I emailed them and respectfully asked them to cancel the order and refund my purchase price if they were not able to send me the tracking information.  Even then, I heard nothing for quite a while, until I was happily surprised by the aforementioned tracking email, which was why I was sure they had just taken my money and were planning to send me absolutely nothing.


The funny part was that I had been seriously considering writing them a hateful message that said, in effect, ‘I know you’ve ripped me off, and I bet you think you’re proud of yourselves, but you should be aware that you are totally going to rot in hell, you lying, thieving losers!”  BUT… I never got around to it.  And of course, the very deeply buried adult part of me knew that was a pointless and incredibly childish thing to do, but as I said, I never bothered.  THANK GOODNESS!  How much more an idiot would I have felt like, if I HAD fired off that email and then a few days later found out that there was actually a package on the way??


I still don’t think I would recommend buying from the website, though.  I haven’t actually watched my DVDs to make sure they’re not over-dubbed in Chinese or anything, but I’m hoping everything is as requested.  I have DEFINITELY learned some great lessons from this incident, and I guess all I can do now is laugh at myself.  Overall, an acceptable outcome.


Oh, the TV series I wanted that caused all the trouble in the first place?   Designing Women.  :/

Until next time,



One Response to “Well, Guess What?”

  1. Well, I just got home and checked the DVDs and it’s crappy quality, recorded off TV, but better than nothing, I guess.

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