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A Postcard From the Edge February 28, 2013

English: warning about stupidity

English: warning about stupidity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello all.  This is probably not the first blog post I’ve written while seething with rage, and it’s not likely to be the last, either, but allow me to just say that stupidity…is painful.  Especially when it’s your own stupidity and you should have known better, but you were just blind to everything except what you wanted, and for that you got, well, screwed.  Yeah.  I’m there.  Online purchase from a scam website.  Obviously fake, but never even slowed down to notice until it was too late.  Funds lost, but fortunately not huge funds.  Now, however, I will have to cancel my debit card, get a new one, and go back through a dozen legitimate online payments that have my card linked and cancel it.  I am just so MAD at myself.  I really, really hate it when I do something stupid, especially when I should have known better.  There have just been way too many of those events in my life.  It’s like, when will I ever learn?!


Ok, so I have to just go ahead and accept this.  Own it.  I did a stupid thing and it cost me, but thankfully it didn’t cost me much, at least thus far, except my pride and my view of myself as an intelligent human being.  That’s not a first, either.  My second marriage, and a couple of other emotional entanglements are on that list too.  But all the rage in the world, and all the kicking myself I could do will not undo the mistake or change the reality, so this will be the end of it.  Until I bring it up again the next time I get mad at myself for doing something else moronic.  Oh, and by the way, don’t order from websites selling box set DVDs of TV series.


Until next time,



2 Responses to “A Postcard From the Edge”

  1. Well, the next moronic thing happened sooner than expected. I decided to spray WD40 on a squeaky engine belt on my car, and the thing slipped right off! SIGH!!!

  2. All’s well that ends well, as they say. Turns out I was not ripped off after all. For the full story, see “Well, Guess What?” posted 3/15/13

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