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When Is St. Patrick’s Day, Again? February 14, 2013

An array of Valentine's Day-connotated candy d...

An array of Valentine’s Day-connotated candy decor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello all.  For starters, is there any holiday that causes more angst than Valentines Day?  I’m thinking no.  Seriously.  I see it from all corners.  There are those (in relationships) who say it is crass and commercial and has nothing to do with real love or the expression of it.  Just generalizing here, but they are probably the ones who forget their anniversary and buy their wives a power saw for Christmas.  Then there are those (in relationships) who stress out over what to get their loved one, because they embrace it as a perfect occasion to go all out in an effort to give an end-all, be-all gift to prove to their beloved what they could say every day if they wanted to, but they don’t.  Instead, they only seem to express their feelings on special occasions. And then there are the ones who express their love regularly, every day, for whom Valentines Day is just another day to be who they are.  Those are the ones whose partners are their biggest cheerleaders on the Social Media Scene, always bragging about them and sharing their love and joy with two or three hundred of their dearest acquaintances, semi-intentionally reminding everyone else that they’re dating or married to an unloving, uncaring, clueless, mouth-breathing clod.  And in addition to all that angst from people who are actually in relationships on V-Day, there are those in the Single camp who fall into only two categories:  Single and Thankful… or Single and Desperately Bitter about it.  Not really any need to define those two, is there?


Actually there’s a third Single category- “Single and Thankful they’re not married to the spouses of 90% of the people they know, but basically a little bitter that the other 10% seem to have found someone so apparently perfect and why in the name of all that’s sane couldn’t I have made a better choice when I had the chance, so I’d at least maybe fall somewhere between Stuck With Someone I Hate, and I’m So In Love I Make Everyone Hurl.”  Yep, that’s my category, all right.


I can’t really complain.  My kids got me a card and my mom gave me a single rose, and I know I’m loved and all that.  I’m actually pretty jazzed about all the positives of being single.  I don’t have to put up with someone else’s bad behaviors, bad choices, and bad attitudes. (Except those people I gave birth to, yes.)  I can go where I like and do what I feel like doing without having to get someone’s approval or permission.  I don’t have to compromise on mind-numbing things like new vacuum cleaners and wall paint colors.  I am the one who decides on Vacation Destinations.  (Except those people I gave birth to, yes.)  I could say I don’t have to clean and pick up after someone else, but I can’t even type that with a straight face, and besides, those Perfect Spouse people clean up after themselves and help around the house without being nagged about it.


So all in all, Valentines Day is just a day to sit back and study sociology.  Watch the efforts of those desperate people who end up in the Dollar Store at 9:30 pm because they don’t want to find themselves sleeping on the couch.  Watch the joy of those who are married to/dating The Perfect People.  Watch those Single Friends who shout the praises of their single state and waiting for God’s Mr. Right For You, and buy chocolate for themselves and eat it alone.  It’s a day for all of that…and to look forward to getting bombed on Saint Patrick’s Day!


Until next time,



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