The Therapy Journals of the Fat-Headed Klingon Woman

One woman's journey to becoming Her True Self

It’s a Done Deal! February 12, 2013

There's No Looking Back

There’s No Looking Back (Photo credit: Toby Keller / Burnblue)

Hello all!  Well, I’ve done it.  I just completed my non-refundable, non-transferable, sign on the dotted line, better hope nothing happens, registration for The Blathering 2013.  I’m nervous and excited and curious.  My next step is to start watching flight prices to Charleston and researching hotels in the area.  And choosing someone to bribe into driving me to the airport. 🙂


You know, I’ve gone back and forth on this, but I really think it’s something I need to do.  It represents the first of what I hope will be many adventures in my life where I step out on my own and just go with it.  I don’t know a soul who will be there.  I’ve never set foot in that city in my entire life.  I don’t know what it will be like, what will happen, or who I will meet.  But I know they will be people I can relate to- they will be women, mothers, sisters, friends, and above all, WRITERS!  They relate to the written word, they love it.  They may even cling to it as their only link to sanity, who knows?  There’s no telling, but I would be willing to bet that it will be fun, that I will make new friendships that could last a lifetime, and that I will be glad I took the chance.


There’s one thing I’m a little concerned about though.  It looks like most of the conversation and divulging of details and dispensing of info about this event will be taking place on Twitter, something I am not into, and don’t particularly want to be.  I already spend too much time messing around on Facebook; I definitely don’t need another social media site sucking away the few remaining moments of my days.  And I hate to admit it, but Twitter confuses me, and I feel like I’m too old for it, you know?  Like it’s for the youngsters, and I’m not one of those anymore.  I already anticipate being the oldest one at The Blathering, but we’ll see.


So I’m off to the flight price monitoring websites.  I also plan to use this upcoming event as motivation in my Weight Watchers efforts.  We’ll see how that goes too.  Wish me luck, y’all!  See you in Charleston!


Until next time,



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