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In The Dictionary Under Cranky… January 23, 2013

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English: Peanut butter cookie with a chocolate...

English: Peanut butter cookie with a chocolate chip smiley face (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello all.  I’m here to vent.  Well, sort of.  I’m also here to whine and moan.  I have a bit of a cold.  I don’t really feel “sick” exactly.  I just feel like I’d feel better if I could be in bed.  But I’m not.  I’m at work.  My co-workers just left to go to lunch… TOGETHER, and without inviting me.  Last night I spent my entire week’s extra WW points on my personal kryptonite:  ice cream, peanut butter, and Cool Whip.  Currently  I feel:  hopeless when it comes to food and eating, lonely, crazy,  and left out of everything interesting in the world.  Amazingly, I have the self-control not to put it on Facebook, but in my own personal corner of cyberspace instead.  (Does anybody even use that word anymore?  It sounds tacky.)   In fact, I may or may not even publish this entry.  Depends on how far off the beam I go in my feverish, ranting confessions.


But seriously.  Other topics to write about have presented themselves to me this week.  There was one about school dance dress codes.  Our local high school‘s winter formal took place the other night, and apparently some boys were turned away at the door because they were wearing jeans.  This rubbed a few people the wrong way, because it seems the chaperones were wearing jeans, and the event had been billed as ‘semi-formal‘ and dress code guidelines may or may not have been spelled out.  Several of the people in the discussion (on Fb, again) were of the opinion that it was a terrible injustice and those poor boys should have been allowed to attend the dance in their jeans, and their self-esteem is going to suffer.  I was in the camp of ‘You know what?  Boo hoo.  Their teachers care enough about them not to allow them to become entitled, rule-breaking slackers.’  Maybe the dress code guidelines could have been explicitly outlined, and maybe the chaperones should have been made to follow it, and MAYBE the admin should have sent home some of those girls whose dresses were ridiculously too short, but on the whole, I don’t know why they had to have a “winter formal” dance anyway.  They never had that when I was in school.  It’s just yet another excuse for parents to have to spend extra money on hair and nails and dresses and suits and corsages and all that other stuff that gets way out of hand at Prom time.  And in my less-than-exaulted opinion, our local school cares waaaaay too much about appearances.  When Daughter S. and Daughter J. arrived at Promenade last year, they were originally told that they couldn’t walk together, presumably because they were two girls and it wouldn’t look right.  Never mind the fact that they were SISTERS!  Then, being the shy, nervous about being in front of people, person that she is, Daughter J. had a weeping meltdown of fear, and finally they were allowed to walk the promenade together.  All of this just induced one big eye-rolling growl-sigh of annoyance in me- I’m not the type to go on a crusade every time my kids get upset about something.  But if the admins or prom sponsors or whomever, had stuck by their original position and not let the girls walk together, I would have been all up in their grill, you can bet your sweet patootie on that.  See what I mean?  Appearances.  With a homophobic bent.


So there have probably been other topics I could write about, but they escape me at the moment.  What I’d really like to do is leave the boss a note and go home.  Oh, what a blissful thought!  I’d go straight home and go straight to bed.  But probably not before I ate more kryptonite.


Until next time,



PS- The picture in this post was selected because it is supposed to be a smiley face but to me it looks a little menacing, like it wants to chew your face off, and at the moment I kind of relate to that feeling.


2 Responses to “In The Dictionary Under Cranky…”

  1. K Says:

    Very interesting…you captured moments and feelings very well..and your passion for common sense cane through. Keep writing…and remember…we all have ww points blown to hell kind of days…i just realized the beans i had from taco bueno have 34 points. Apparently one lunch just killed the rest of my weekend. Yippee!!!!

    • LenaDeeAnne Says:

      Hi, K! Thanks for reading! I’m thinking they must have used illegal weird-science experimentation to make a bowl of beans have that many points. Beans are normally such a good choice- how else could they have racked up such a total? Well, anyway, I’m all better and healthy again, only an occasional hint of a cough, so I hope to be posting again soon. Who knows what I could find to rail against next time? Thanks again for reading!

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