The Therapy Journals of the Fat-Headed Klingon Woman

One woman's journey to becoming Her True Self

I’m Leaving On a Jet Plane (I Wish) January 11, 2013

airplane halo

airplane halo (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Hello all.  If it is true that I live in a state of emotional bungee jumping, as I once said, then today is the day where the stretchy band attached to me is pulled to its full length, stretched to capacity and I’m momentarily hovering two inches above the rocks.  It’s not that I feel down, necessarily.  I don’t.  I just feel a very strong urge to get. away.  I wish I were on an airplane somewhere that was taking me some place exciting and far away.  I’m remembering our cruise last June, how much I looked forward to the adventure of it.  I made a playlist of “beach/vacation/get away” songs and played it until I drove the kids berserk.


Of course, getting away is not really a possibility at this point.  But in the interest of trying to find some way to make life more interesting, I left The Offspring a note when I left the house this morning.  (They were all still asleep, of course.)  I told them if they would work on laundry and finish the pots and pans today, we would try to come up  with something fun to do tomorrow.  I have no idea what that might be, as there is little to do around here, but I guess we’ll give it the old college try.


It’s been a pretty good work week, really.  My boss’s out-of-town girlfriend has been hanging out with us.  We’ve accomplished a lot- cleaning, organizing, that sort of thing.  We received a huge donation to the program and I got a $0.50/hr raise.  It doesn’t seem like much, perhaps, or sound like much, but I just did the math and over the course of the year it actually will be about equal to, or a smidge more than the salary increase my boss got.


So anyway.  I’m going to be mostly alone in the office today, and I am going to try to remain productive.  Boss Boy is taking off today, since it’s his girlfriend’s last day in town before she goes back to college.  But you know what they say about cats and mice and being away and playing and all that.  I may have to make a list and force myself to not goof off all day.  It’s pretty tempting when you’re completely alone in a huge old church building, stuck in a dreary-ish, back-room office, with nothing really pressing hanging over your head to do.   But that’s not what I’m getting paid for, so I guess I’ll crank up the iTunes, make a list of things to do today, and get busy.  First item on the agenda- write my paycheck for the week!  🙂


Until next time,



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