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Some Thoughts Arising From Recent Events December 17, 2012

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Hello all.  I wanted to share and express my thoughts and feelings about the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, but the odds are pretty good that what I’d say has already been said, and said better.  No amount of poetic words, political posturing, so-called expert opinions, debating, arguing, name-calling, or any other pointless reaction will change what has been done.  It seems to me that incidents like this bring up three main talking points:  guns and gun laws, mental health and the social and health care systems pertaining to it, and religion or lack thereof in today’s world.


I’m not a gun enthusiast, nor a politician.  I know next to nothing about guns, rights to own guns, or laws governing them.  For my two cents, I think that Americans cannot, nor should not, be expected to give up their right to bear arms.  That much is certain.  But there are certain guns that just do not need to be available to anyone except trained military or police personnel.  They need to be outlawed.  Period.  I’m not saying that if they had already been outlawed, that any of the recent tragedies could have been prevented, but I still think they should not be in the hands of just anyone.


On the other hand, I don’t believe that it would be a good idea for everybody on the street to be carrying a weapon.  For example, I have heard people put forth the theory that if someone in the Aurora movie theater would have been carrying a gun, they could have stopped the shooter much sooner in his rampage and saved lives.  But if half the people present had been armed, what would have happened when that guy burst through the door?  I think it is most likely that in all the fear and confusion, an all-out gun war would have erupted and probably more people would have died.   What’s the solution?  Maybe owning a weapon is a right, but carrying it on your person when not engaged in hunting or overthrowing a despotic government should not be?  As I said, I don’t have a clue.  I’m just thinking out loud here.


Now, about the mental health issues and the health care and social systems.  That one is way too hard to even get into, and way too close to home for me.   There are so many people out there with mental health problems, and it is an overwhelming problem when there are too few social workers, too few therapists, too few hospital/facility beds.  Too few clear answers, definitive diagnoses, and  educational options.  This article gave me pause and made me feel a certain solidarity with the mother.  My child is nowhere near as difficult as the child in this story, but he can be very similar sometimes.  What is there to do?  How do we fix this problem?  I definitely don’t know the answers, but that brings me to the last of the three major issues that these events always stir up.


When these horrific events happen, people always start arguing about God.  Those who believe, crying out for people to lean on Him, trust in Him, turn to Him for comfort.  Those who don’t believe, calling names, blasting believers’ ignorance, simplicity, foolishness, asking how believers can stand to trust in a God who could allow this type of thing to happen.  Believers then try to patiently explain that God gave humankind free will, and in that exercise of free will, humankind often chooses evil.  Then believers also express the opinion that part of the reason we have so many of these problems today is a general reduction in the number of people who truly believe in God and follow Jesus Christ.  Which, of course, makes non-believers pretty defensive, saying that just because they don’t go to church, that doesn’t make them more likely to pick up a weapon and commit a mass murder.  Then you get into all sorts of debates and arguments over “religion” versus relationship with God, and pew-sitters versus true followers, and the crusades and all the other heinous acts in history that have been committed “in the name of God.”


That’s all true.  People have done and continue to do things in the name of God that He would certainly never ask, accept, or approve.  I just don’t know what there is to do about it all.  Sometimes it feels like there is such anger, bitterness, hard feeling, and hatred toward believers these days.  Almost any group you could think of has its rights and is to be tolerated.  Except Christians.  (Real ones, not crazy, hate-filled ones.)  Sometimes it’s hard to tell which ones are which, and therein lies the problem.

I don’t really know where I’m going with all this.  I just fear that we’re moving toward a point in this world where Christianity is well on its way to being a persecuted minority.   It’s a scary thought, and one that I’m sure a lot of people share, but I know those whom it most directly affects have the faith and trust to endure whatever comes, and to place their strength in a Wisdom that is higher than their own.  In the meantime, we need to just remember to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us, and remember that we are not guaranteed one day or hour upon this earth.  If we live as though each day were our last, with respect to our basic integrity, our treatment of others, and our reverence for the Divine, we will probably not come to the end of our lives with anything to regret.


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