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Filed Under “YES, Please!” November 28, 2012


Hatching (Photo credit: AlishaV)

Hello all!  I’m so excited I can hardly type.  I have a goal.  It’s something that would probably make the average Joe on the street and 90% of my Facebook friends go, “Huh?” complete with squinty eyes and sagging mouth that would make a Mensa member look like a moron.  It’s something that is so totally intimidating to me, and yet feels so ME that I can’t believe I haven’t done it before.  Are you ready for this?  The Blathering, 2013.


Yes, blathering.  It’s a blogging conference for women!  Basically, all these bloggers from around the country get together for a weekend and just interact.  Talk, learn from each other, and enjoy being Just. Themselves. for 72 hours.  I originally heard about it from reading Mighty Maggie, a super-funny, energetic, dedicated mom and writer from Seattle.  This has been an event for several years and I think she was one of the original organizers.  It sounded so cool, except it seemed that half the attendees already knew each other, both in real life and on the Interwebs, and I felt like I would be like their dorky, out-of-town cousin that they had to bring to the prom at the last minute.  But you know what?  I’m over it!  They blog, I blog, we all blog.  Some of them may be real life friends, some may just read each other’s stuff, but I’d fit in because we’re all women and we’re all writers. I’d want to start reading more of them so I can get to know who some of these ladies are, and fit in at least a little.  But seriously.  I want to do this!  And guess where it is?  Charleston!  Ok, I have ALWAYS wanted to go there.  It’s far enough in the future that I can plan and save money and… and GO!


So yeah, I’m literally shivering with excitement.  Also because I work in a drafty church building and it’s cold in here, but mostly it’s this idea!  This image of me actually going and doing something that’s totally new, that involves me being just me, just a woman, a writer, an independent individual.  I’m not sure I can explain this right so that it doesn’t sound like I’m not happy with my kids and my family and my church and my job, etc.  I love them, but the idea of just going off somewhere for a weekend!   Finding out who I am when I step out of my little bubble, out of my comfort zone, into a world where there’s more to life than math and Disney and pizza rolls, where I’m not chained to a desk and trying to decide if I’m real or a fake when it comes to what I believe or don’t (and what I SAY I believe or don’t), where I’m not worried about pleasing parents and pacifying children, and… just everything!


Forgive me if this sounds like a dramatic exaggeration (or don’t- I don’t care) but I feel like I’m in an egg, and the idea of going to this conference feels like the first crack of that egg, and I’m about to be on my way to truly hatching.  I can’t wait to see what it looks like when I tumble out!


Here’s to hatching!

Until next time,



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