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Short and Sweet Yet Again November 7, 2012

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The Drowned, 1867

The Drowned, 1867 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello all.  It’s post-election day.  Like many other people in this country, it seems, I am absolutely drowning in depression today.  But not for the same reasons.  This is my forum, so I can say what I want here.  Unlike Facebook, if you read here, you’re doing it by choice, not because it just popped up in front of your face on your newsfeed.


Someone among my friends once noted of me that I like to let people know when I’m down.  Yeah.  That’s called reaching out.  Between the concern for this country, the continuing battle with compulsive eating, the neverending struggle not to backslide on my weight loss efforts, the despair of wishing I could just not care about those last two and knowing I can’t, the struggles with faith, and parenting, and relationships, and the utter self-loathing it all engenders, I am in an ugly place today.  A very lonely, ugly place.


So that’s it.  A few days ago I was soaring, and today I’m drowning.  It won’t last- it never does.  I just hate it when I’m down here.  With that said, I’m soldiering on, and my next entry will probably be another happybouncy ramble of goofiness…


Until next time,



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