The Therapy Journals of the Fat-Headed Klingon Woman

One woman's journey to becoming Her True Self

A Year In the Same Place October 31, 2012

Hello all. 


Well, it’s Halloween again, and between the Frankenstorm on the East Coast and the upcoming presidential elections, things are pretty scary around here.  One thing that’s not scary, but amazing, is the fact that today marks the one-year anniversary of my employment with The Gospel of Christ TV/Radio/Internet ministry.  I have been the secretary/office manager here for one year today.  It’s incredible how time flies.  When I started last year, I was looking forward to the girls’ big 18th birthday, dreading their high school graduation, and obsessively anticipating our graduation cruise.


Now all of those are behind us.  Daughter S. is taking college courses and trying to get a job, Daughter J. is helping out around the house and trying to decide what she wants to do next, and The Boy has been having Adventures in Homeschooling.  Meanwhile, I’ve been More Or Less Maintaining my weight loss for over half a year now, and trying to figure out what’s next.   Employment-wise speaking, I don’t have any plans to change anything in the near future.  I’m pretty happy where I am.  My hours are super flexible, the environment is great, and the pay is decent.   I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish I were making more money, but hey, almost everybody does, right?  And where else could I work full-time and home school at the same time?


There are probably other things I should be looking into, as far as personal fulfillment things.  I need a life.  I need hobbies.  I mean, hobbies other than Facebook and re-reading Harry Potter and Twilight books a million times.  I’ve thought about things like dance lessons, martial arts, Little Theater, etc.  I’ve thought about focusing more on my writing and blogging, really trying to grow that.  Sometimes I even think about going back to school and getting a Master’s degree in … something.  School counseling, maybe.  I need friends.  I mean real-life friends that I actually go out and do things with, or have over for dinner sometimes.


Unfortunately, though, I never get much further than thoughts.  I never actually move into the realm of action, which if you remember, is totally counter to my goals from last year; specifically, to BE a person of action!  I guess I still need to work on that.  I keep talking about wanting to find a relationship, but according to The Blond Oprah (See Meet the Cast), I need to figure out some things about myself.  “Settle into a sense of being comfortable with myself and who I am.”  To which I basically respond, “Huh?”  She says that in order to attract the type of person I want to attract (someone whole and complete in themselves and, in plain language, mentally stable!) I have some work to do.  In other words, I’m not really in a place where I should be in a relationship, no matter how much I might think about it.  Bugger.  I guess the challenge lies in figuring out specifically WTH she’s talking about.


But anyway.  Today is a milestone.  Daughter S. and The Boy are downtown doing the Trick or Treat Main Street thing, Daughter J. is with a friend of hers, and I’m blogging when I should be working.  So… Happy Halloween to all!


Until next time,



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