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What Today Taught Me October 22, 2012

Hello all.  Well, remember in my last post how I said I had to sneak up on the whole ‘getting back into an exercise routine’ thing?  Guess who got up this morning and decided to stop sneaking and start attacking?  I haven’t done a Turbo class at TFP since, oh, probably May, but today I woke up and did a Turbo DVD right in my own house, and … I survived.  I briefly considered posting a Fb status afterward:  If you’re still red in the face 30 mins. after exercising, is that a good thing or a bad thing?  I was.  But I didn’t.  I’m pretty proud of myself for getting up and exercising when the thought crossed my mind, instead of just lying there and talking myself out of it, which I very easily could have done.  On the other hand, I don’t want to get too cocky- it’s only one day, and I can already feel my knees beginning to go “WTH?”  Anybody can do something for one day in a row, right?  But I did discover one thing I am definitely going to need if I’m going to attempt to go back to the Turbo class at the gym anytime in the near future.  Now I haven’t googled it, so I don’t know if they even make these, but if not, they need to:  Thigh Control Workout Pants.  Seriously.  Who can concentrate on trying to master choreography when you’re dying of embarrassment about your jiggly thighs slapping around?  I wasn’t too embarrassed in my own home (chagrined might be a better word), but if I were to try to go to a group class… yeah, I’d either need those magic pants I mentioned or an invisibility cloak!


Did you ever have one of those random things happen that makes you wonder if you might be psychic?  Doesn’t usually happen to me, because I’m so oblivious, I usually don’t even know when things HAVE happened, much less that they’re GOING to happen, but the thing that happened today was different.  I was at work, and I was getting ready to go in the kitchen and make some coffee.  There’s a phone extension in the kitchen, but there’s nothing near it to write with or on, in case it rings.  Don’t know why- there just isn’t, and hasn’t been for a while.  So today before I go to the kitchen I get this random urge to take a notepad and a pen with me and put it by the phone so it will be there when it’s needed, just in case.   When I get in there, the phone has been unplugged for some reason, so I plug it back in, put the pad and pen down, and I kid you not, less than 30 seconds later, the phone rang, and it was a call that needed the information written down.  If I hadn’t brought the stuff in there, I would have had to go back to my office to get pen and paper before I could take the info.  (Ok, so it’s not bone-chillingly amazing, but it was kinda cool at the time.)


But then something else happened that made me feel like a total dufus, and completely negated the whole psychic thing.  I bought The Boy a learning drills workbook on Amazon.  Its condition was listed as Used- Acceptable.  So I bought it, because it was super cheap, and obviously cheap is good, right?  The book came in the mail today, and every single page in it was completed.  Every page.  First of all, I question why anyone would list an item like that in the first place, but more importantly, I want to know why didn’t it ever occur to me that a workbook, listed on Amazon as used, might have at least some of the pages completed?  And then I realize:  Question number two answers question number one!  They listed it in full knowledge of the fact that some goofball like me would come along and buy it.   At first I thought I might just bust out the giant pink eraser and erase pages as we worked through them, but sheesh, why go to all that trouble when I can just return it, pay a few dollars more, and get a completely clean book (although that is its own kind of hassle)?  Decisions, decisions.


So basically today taught me that I MIGHT be a psychic.  And I am NOT a careful Amazon buyer.  And I AM going to get the credit if they haven’t yet invented Thigh Control Workout Pants.  But I’m probably out of luck on that one, too.


Until next time,



2 Responses to “What Today Taught Me”

  1. Mandie Says:

    I didn’t realize they have do it at home Turbo videos! I’ve looked for gyms around my house that do it and the closest one is 40 minutes away! I’m totally finding some of my own! I consistently try to only flap my thighs in the comfort of my own home!

    • LenaDeeAnne Says:

      Hey, lady! Thanks for reading! Yeah, just google TurboKick or Chalene Johnson, or Powder Blue Productions. They have a pretty extensive website. Lol… flap your thighs. Is that anything like flapping your wings?

      Thanks again for reading. I’ve been thinking about you. Expect a text message shortly. 🙂

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