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Allure Trip Journal- Part 10: Rita’s Fiesta and More! June 13, 2012


Hello all! 


So we had received the news that Daughter J. would get to meet her favorite character after the first ice show performance, and there was general happiness all around.  For some reason I cannot fathom, knowing what was scheduled for the evening (namely Rita’s Fiesta), I decided it would be a good idea to go to Park Café and get a Roast Beef Sandwich.  Still as good as the first bite!  I swear, I could have lived on those things.  Then I went to Guest Services to get new cards for myself and Daughter S. because the sunscreen had rubbed the letters off ours.  (In case you’re interested.)   When I returned to the room, The Boy seemed to think he was starving, and he thought a visit to Boardwalk Dog House was in order.   And so it was that he had two Coney Island dogs, and I (again, reasons unfathomable) tried a Wunderdog.   The kids were vegging out and watching a movie.  I realized I had now missed all sailaways except the first one.   We killed time for a while, because the kids wanted to go to WJ before Rita’s.  Yes, that’s right- they don’t care for Mexican food.


So we went to WJ.  After all, the kids had a pressing date with their oft-repeated chicken nuggets, French fries, spaghetti, and burgers.   I do NOT know what had come over me at this point, but for some reason I had a couple small bites of some other things, (the little garlic-y mozzarella balls were particularly good) and tried a lemon tart.  Then we went to Boardwalk to kill time until the Fiesta.  They rode the carousel again and we checked out the candy shop.  We hadn’t spent quite as much money as I had planned for, so I thought they could have a little candy.  (Which, of course, they needed like Custer needed more Indians, but parents crazy things sometimes.)  So they decided they just had to have some gummy bears, and J. got some Reese’s pieces and cherry candies.  We went to check out.  I had seen the number on the screen for the customer in front of us and had begun to get concerned.   When the staff member put their candy on the scales, I almost choked.   I don’t think I remember seeing a specific price for the candy in any of the reviews I’ve read, but I think it’s about $0.75 an ounce!  The total for the junk the kids bought- $26.00!  (In case you’re interested.)


We also checked out the Pets At Sea shop.  There was one somewhat negative incident that occurred in here.  In addition to her other issues, Daughter J. is blind in her left eye due to an injury at about age 8 from a flying fork.  (I know, it’s a hideous story.)  So the Pets at Sea shop is pretty small, and Jas was walking around looking at the animals, and there was this large older lady just kind of standing in the middle of the room, staring around, blocking traffic.  Jas didn’t see her there and kind of bumped into her, and she said something snippy.  (“Knock me over, kids, please!”)  I wish I’d told her what was what, or maybe I should have apologized and explained, but I just grabbed Jas’s elbow and tried to steer her out of the Old Dear’s way.


So finally we went to the Fiesta.  We waited in line, checked in, and received our drink bracelets and Fiesta souvenirs.  The Boy got a little sombrero, and the girls and I got a little flashing rubber spikey ball on a necklace.  (About the drink bracelets, they put a little plastic tabbed wristband on you, either green or red depending on your drink being alcoholic or not, and you give the staff one of the tabs each time you order a drink, in case you’re interested.)  We were seated in the far corner near the kitchen entrance, but it was ok, because I wasn’t sure how J. and The Boy would do with the noise level.  Neither of them is super comfortable with “loud” but I figured it would be ok.  They took our first drink order.  As mentioned in other reviews, the wait staff acts like you can only have margaritas, and for the first one, I kind of took them at their word and had a mango one.  It was pretty good, but the lady at the next table had something that looked much better, and I resolved to ask her what it was and order that for the next one.


The entertainment began- they had everybody do a train through the restaurant area and out into the Boardwalk.  They snagged one person at a time from each table until almost everyone was on their feet.  J. and The Boy flatly refused to get up (they’re such party poopers) but Daughter S. and I joined the crowd.  I made one or two circuits through the restaurant and went back to the table, (I could be a party pooper, too) but she went all the way out to the outside area.   Then when that song was over, everybody returned to their table and they started bringing food.  There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that much of the food they brought to our table would go to waste, and for that reason I felt kind of guilty for even booking this, but I mainly did it because I thought the 3-drink thing was a steal.


They brought the chips and salsa, which I thought was pretty darn good, though some reviewers on CC have panned it.  Naturally, the kids didn’t try any.  SIGH!  We were all pretty tired and a little sunburned after two port days in a row, but I had hoped they would perk up a little.  Daughter J. finally smiled when they played what we call the “football game” song.  You know the one- “…na na-na na, HEY! …”   It probably has a real name, but I don’t know it.  Anyway, then they brought a little dish of pico, sour cream, and guacamole.  The pico was good, the guacamole fair, but I was so full.  Then they brought flour tortillas and a dish of fajita filling- I think it was mixed beef and chicken with onions and peppers, but it may have been just beef.  I went ahead and made one fajita and ate it, and it was reasonably tasty, although not the best I’ve ever had.   Finally they brought a dessert tray with flan, churros, and tortillas wrapped around bananas, along with some chocolate dipping sauce.  We had never tried churros or flan before, and we didn’t know what to expect, nor do we have anything to compare them to, but Daughter S. and I had been looking forward to trying them.  They didn’t seem to be anything terribly special.


I feel like I’m being unfairly negative about the food here- I’m sure it was good, but I was so ridiculously full already, I couldn’t give it a fair evaluation!  The kids didn’t really try much of anything, although Daughter S. did try the churros.  And speaking of her, remember when I said early on that she didn’t enjoy the virgin margarita I had bought for her, but she later found a flavor she really loved?  This was where she found it, and it was virgin strawberry margarita.  She was kind of in love with that drink, and thankfully she used all three of her drink tabs.  The Boy was so dehydrated from all the swimming and snorkeling, all he wanted was “water!  More water!” and Daughter J. might have had some water and one Sprite.  So in addition to not being able to really give the food a chance, the drink deal was a bust too.  I ended up having all three of mine (the drink I mentioned earlier, that the lady at the next table had ordered, turned out to be a B-52, I think, which I luuuuuvvved. 😀   My final drink was a regular ‘rita.  It was super strong and I took it back and asked them to weaken it, and then I think they gave me a virgin one, because I couldn’t taste anything at all in that one.  Who knows?)


While everybody was eating, but more toward the end, they grabbed a contestant from most tables and had a dance-off, first the women, then the men.   They asked where everybody was from and then seemed to try to pick a song that “went with” that state, but I could be misinterpreting.  The contestants all got a shot of tequila afterwards.  One lady had some serious moves and seemed to be the most popular dancer of our Fiesta.  The guys were goofy, as always.  One young man had enjoyed his drinks quite a lot, apparently, and tried to take his shirt off!  The host quickly put a stop to that.  (I can’t remember the host’s name, but he was pretty funny.)   So all in all, for us, on this particular occasion, Rita’s Fiesta was fun, but a pretty big waste of money for us, but with more enthusiastic, hungry, and energetic  dinner companions, it would have been a fantastic deal.  


So we took Daughter J. and The Boy back to the room, and Daughter S. and I returned to the Aquatheater to wait for the Sing-Along Grease movie.  First, they were having a 50s and 60s Rock n Roll Dance Party, which was a lot of fun to watch and listen to.  The lady who had been the best dancer at our Fiesta showed off her moves here too, and she seemed to be gaining a following.  She really was an enthusiastic dancer.


So then Grease came on, and we watched and sang along, and it was kind of tricky trying to figure out whether there were really that many people actually singing in the Aquatheater!  It sounded like quite a lot of people, but I didn’t think there would be that many people who would like that type of thing.  I thought maybe they had added extra voices to the sing-along lyrics.  I thought surely we were the only nerds!  I never did look behind me to see how full it was, but when it was over and we were leaving, it seemed that there had been a good crowd, so I guess outdoor sing-along movies are more popular than I thought!  When it was over, we were tired and looking forward to winding up our trip with a couple of leisurely sea days in a row.


Next post, we’ll see how leisurely they turned out to be!

Until next time,



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