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Allure Trip Journal: First Sea Day! June 10, 2012

Puss in Boots (Shrek)
Puss in Boots (Shrek) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Hello all!


We had signed up for the character breakfasts for each of the three sea days, so we got up around 7:00 and got dressed and headed upstairs. Here is where Moron Moment # 2 (I originally called them Jacka$$ Moments) occurred. Now before I explain this, I have to say that I have seen a lot of discussion on the CC boards about whether people are more rude than they used to be, or whether people do rude things intentionally or what. Well, if they are ANYTHING like me- maybe they would never mean to be rude, they’re just completely clueless. Maybe they’re a small-town goofball who goes around with their head in a bubble. We just never know, but here’s what the kids and I did: We were heading up the stairs to the Character Breakfast, which was held on Deck 4 of the MDR. We were only one deck below, so we took the stairs. We rounded the corner and saw a herd of people heading that direction so we joined them. We got through the main outer doors and formed a line at the desk nearest the inner door, and I began to dimly realize, standing there with these three teenage girls behind us who seemed somewhat disgruntled and listening to them talk, that the herd of people we joined was not just a large group of people all arriving at the same place at the same time, as I had assumed. Instead, they had actually been a bunch of people standing in a line waiting for the outer doors to be opened, which had just happened shortly before we rounded the corner! Then one of these girls, as I moved ahead, touched my arm and said “Excuse me, we’ve been standing in line, so…” and feeling like a COMPLETE idiot, I said “Oh, sure, sorry, go ahead.” And pulled the kids back a couple of steps, mumbling to them under my breath that we had just jumped in the middle of a line of people! Forgive me, but I didn’t go any further back in the line, because I had no idea where it would have ended, and I figured what was done, was done. That definitely doesn’t mean I didn’t feel like a complete schmuck!




So we were seated in a table right by a window, which was super awesome for us, given where our dinner table was situated (right by the entrance, if you recall, and nowhere near such a cool view as the one we now breakfasted with). We were given menus, etc. And the first thing that they brought around without us even requesting it, was a tray of chocolate pastries, of which I think I ate more than I care to admit here. Then I had an omelet, hash browns, sausage, and English muffin, plus coffee with cream, and some orange juice. It was all very good. The characters for the first breakfast were Shrek, Puss In Boots, and Fiona. They brought them in one at a time, spaced far enough apart that they didn’t create a traffic jam. Also, at the beginning of the breakfast, I think there was some singing and dancing by the wait staff.




Ok, I know it seems like I’ve talked a lot about Daughter S., but this one is about her too. I knew Daughter J. liked the characters. Ok, loved and obsessed over them. But I was not at all savvy to the fact that Daughter S. had a weakness for one particular character- Puss in Boots! When he came in, I was shocked, shocked I tell you, to discover that she almost teared up a little! We took pictures with all the characters (this is a ‘bring your own camera’ event, if you’re interested) and we finished and left. The girls went back to the room, and The Boy and I took another exploring tour. We saw the library and the chapel, and went back to Central Park. I’m not sure exactly why I did this, having had breakfast not too long before, but for some reason I ate an apple and a yogurt parfait in Park Café.




After a while, we went and woke the girls up for the parade. We got there a little late, and had a really lousy spot all the way at the end of the promenade, almost in the elevator hall. There were very few performers and even fewer characters who made it all the way down to our spot. Daughter J. caught a glimpse of Hiccup, from How to Train Your Dragon, about halfway down the Promenade. I tried to convince her in the moment, that the characters would go ahead and come down our way in a minute, but I was wrong. The parade ended, and J. was heartbroken. Heartbroken. We were scheduled to go to the Meet N Mingle and we were running late, so we didn’t have time to really deal with much at the time. I’m afraid I was probably not very sympathetic- I think I was kind of grouching at her not to be so sensitive or telling her she’d still have other chances to see him, etc. This was one of those occasions I wish I could go back and re-do. Not a possibility, obviously.




So we slipped into M&M when it was probably almost over. Took our gifts up to the stage when I went to go claim ours, and felt like a schmuck again. My gifts seemed a little small and boring compared to the rest, and to whoever got them- I apologize! When the M&M ended, Daughter J. was still so upset, she wanted me to go talk to Guest Services about the possibility of getting a Meet and Greet with Hiccup. So I went and talked to them. I explained her delays and disabilities, and told them how the ONLY thing she cared about really, on this whole trip, was getting to meet Hiccup. So the first girl I talked to said she would make a couple of phone calls and see what she could do. No, actually, she said she would email the DreamWorks coordinator and see if they could set something up. I didn’t have much hope, but I promised Daughter J. that no matter what we had to do, we would at least go to the ice show and we would stake out a better spot for the next parade, and we moved on with our day.




Then we went and checked on how full the next skating session would be, because we wanted to try it. The kids had never ice skated, and the last time I did it was when I was about 10. They told us when to come back, and we went to Mystery Matinee in the Adventure Ocean theater. I had signed up The Boy on the first day, just in case, but somehow we never ended up sending him to any of their events, which I really regret. He was very interested in the science lab, and wanting to blow things up, 😉 and I’ve read one review since I’ve been home, that said their 11-y.o. did a lot of science stuff. I was just worried that he would get in one of his moods and make a yutz of himself and get sent back to the room. This is one of those things I’m struggling to let go of and call it good, because any future cruises we may take, he’ll be too old for that stuff.




Anyway, I didn’t know what Mystery Matinee was, but it turned out that it was basically just a surprise DreamWorks movie. In this case it was Madagascar 2. We got in and sat down, and I really wanted to leave almost immediately, but again, didn’t want to climb over anybody, and I thought watching a movie would take J’s mind off the Hiccup situation, so we stayed. When it was over, we went to the WJ buffet. I had a turkey burger, which was really good, and something I thought was supposed to be Waldorf salad, but it was pretty unsatisfying. It tasted too mayonnaise-y. But I also had some melon and tried a few bites of a couple of different desserts- white chocolate mousse, cappuccino pie, and roulade? (Something with layers of cake and creamy stuff, chocolate.) Those were all good.




After lunch we went to the Flash Mob dance class, (Daughter S. and I were the only ones of our family who wanted to do it, but we pretty much sucked). And then we tried ice skating. It was kind of a disaster. J. wouldn’t even try it, and The Boy…, oh boy! He tried it and kept flopping his ankles over and struggling, and he got in one of his moods and had a massive meltdown. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very sympathetic to this one either. I was doing a pitiful job of dealing with him- either to console, encourage, discipline… All I could do was keep him reasonably quiet by hissing dire threats if he didn’t knock it off immediately, until we could get the heck out of there! We went straight to the room for a MUCH needed time out (for ALL of us) and I paid for a movie on stateroom TV to give us all some downtime. (Also gave The Boy a half dose of a couple of his meds, hoping that would help.)




After a while, we went to dinner. And just now re-reading my journal, I realize I gave the wrong menu for what I ate on Formal night. I ate that on this night. Guess I got that part all out of whack. But on this night, the food was good. The girls left early and went to the room, and The Boy and I stayed and had dessert. I’m glad I did, because the waiters did their dancing, singing, napkin-waving thing and sang O Solo Mio. Here was another of the more poignant moments of the trip. I was watching these men and women, up there trying so hard to entertain a bunch of people whose lives are so far removed from their own, the difference must seem incredible. I was looking at them, seeing their smiling faces, thinking about how hard they all work, and finding them so… beautiful all of a sudden. I wanted to cry, and in fact almost did. I’m tearing up again right now, just relating it.




So after the wait staff finished their performance and The Boy finished his chocolate ice cream, we went to Guest Services and cashed a couple of Traveler’s Checks. (I cruised on a cash account, never had to put up a deposit, cashed TCs throughout the week at Guest Services with absolutely zero fees or hassle, if you’re interested.) Then The Boy noticed that the Rising Tide was down, and he wanted to ride. We took one trip up and down on it, and he enjoyed a soda.




Now here comes the next Moron Moment. We were walking down the Promenade and I noticed again the little red car. I thought I hadn’t taken his picture with it yet, and asked him if he wanted a picture with it, and he said sure, so we walked over. There was a couple standing near the end of it, with their arms around each other, and I thought they were just standing there talking. So Adam posed, I snapped his picture, and right about then, I noticed there was a photographer on the other side of that couple!! We had totally jumped right in the middle of their photo shoot, and of course, right about then some guy walks by and goes “You know, they tryin’ to take a photograph!” And I just went, “Oh, sorry, I didn’t see.” And walked away as quickly as I could, again feeling like a total jerk. I was so embarrassed! It really put me in a bad mood and all I wanted was to go to the room and hide, but when we got there, the attendant was in the middle of turndown. He said the girls had gone to the pool deck, so The Boy changed real fast, I dragged myself up to the pool deck, and sat there and commiserated with Daughter S. about what had happened. After a while, we returned to the room and the kids were chilling, and I was journaling, trying to reflect on how tunnel-visioned it can make you when you’re focused only on your child and making and preserving memories. I wanted to blame it on the “busy” atmosphere of the Promenade, how they’ve got all the little booths and things, and photographers always set up all over the place, but the truth is, I’m probably just extraordinarily unobservant. So if you were the people The Boy and I photobombed, we’re really sorry!!! Totally didn’t mean to!


Until next time,




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