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Allure Trip Journal- Part 6: Formal Night Festivities June 8, 2012

English: Chicago Theatre in Chicago, Illinois

English: Chicago Theatre in Chicago, Illinois (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello all!



In my actual journal from the trip, after I put the journal down in the above post, this is what it says:  “Ok- after the previous- I totally forget what happened.  We got ready for formal night.”


I wore my beloved yellow dress I bought on eBay and worked my arse off to make sure I fit into for this trip.  And naturally I fidgeted with it all night!  After going back and forth on whether we were going to “do” formal night and how fancied up we were going to get, we ended up bringing the formal wear, but honestly- neither I nor my girls are “girly-girls.”  None of us wear makeup regularly in everyday life, none of us curl or straighten or perm or color our hair regularly (although since I am approaching 40, the “Great Battle of the So-Called Sparklies” has begun, and I do try to cover some evil grays from time to time.)  So it turned out that none of us did much with our hair.  I convinced the girls to at least wear foundation to even out their complexions, and I put on a little Bare Minerals and some mascara.  After being all enthusiastic about bringing his suit and getting it all pressed and cleaned, The Boy was in the middle of a really sleepy spell when it was time to get ready for dinner, and had to be, shall we say, coerced, to get up and get dressed.  Therefore he sat at table in his little suit, half asleep like an old Grandpa after Thanksgiving dinner, and had to be prodded awake to give old Dalton his order.  Sigh!!!


The girls didn’t really do anything with their hair or jewelry, or even their shoes, but we didn’t really care that much after a while.  We looked pretty good, and we were only in pursuit of Experience.  So we went to our table, and I enjoyed pointing out other people’s pretty outfits to the girls, i.e. “Hey, look at that dress- that’s gorgeous!”  And also, “Look out, that chick’s dress is so short, she’s fixin’ to moon us!”  I had the antipasti, garlic soup, chicken marsala, and tiramisu.  It was all very nice, but I began to feel guilty again, this time because poor Dalton would give us his little recommendations pitch every night on what was supposed to be extra good that night, and we never seemed to take them!!  I think he got a complex, because he seemed fairly quiet and not so there the next few nights.


After dinner, we went and had a few pictures taken and then in true redneck fashion, we ditched our fancy clothes and went swimmin’!  I felt pretty awkward waiting for the elevator in our swimsuits and cover-ups when there were tuxes and gowns and bling everywhere, but I got over it. 😀  Tonight was a memorable moment in the trip.  I went to the towel station to get us some towels, and the attendant, Andres, had a notebook on his desk where he had been drawing.  I struck up a conversation about his art and how Daughter S. is an artist.  She draws anime and would die to go to the Dallas Art Institute and become an animator.  She thinks Avatar is the pinnacle of movie magic, and she also would love to do the voices for her own cartoon show. (Just a little networking there, sorry.)  So I went back and told her all about him, and we went back and they talked, and we said she would bring her notebook down there either that night or the next night and show him her work.  Unfortunately, we got busy doing other things and she never did go back that night.  I’ll get back to this story when she did go back…


After swimming, we took The Boy and Daughter J. back to the room, changed clothes again, and then Daughter S. and I went to see Chicago.  Now I have to say here, that I have never seen a real Broadway show, never even an “Off-Broadway” show.  The closest I have come to that has been my local Little Theater group and Lone Grove High School’s esteemed productions.  With regard to Chicago itself, I have only seen the movie and my little sister’s Humorous Duet of vignettes from Chicago in competitive speech, (which was a RIOT, btw) so I can’t say how good or not good the show was in quality.  But I enjoyed it a lot, and I loved the music.  I especially enjoyed the performance of “When You’re Good to Mama.”  I don’t remember the actress’s name, but she definitely blew the roof off, and got a great round of applause.


Here was another of the best moments of the cruise as far as time spent with one of the kids, because S. and I got a severe case of the giggles.  It went like this:  I jokingly told her I was never going to cruise with them again, but then I said I’d definitely cruise with her, and I told her she could take me on a cruise to Alaska when I was old and departed.  I meant to say decrepit, but we both cracked up at the idea of her taking my urn full of ashes or my coffin on a cruise to Alaska and touring with it.  What can I say, we’re sick and twisted.  😀 It was pretty late by the time the show ended, so after Chicago, we went back to the room and went to bed.


A note about the show content:  You all know the story of Chicago- sex, betrayal, murder, etc.  It’s not for kids, and the language is all there, but if you or your teenage children (I’d say at least over 14 or 15) are not sensitive or easily offended by such, OR if you have a relationship where you can talk about what you’ve seen and share your beliefs and thoughts, then feel free to take kids over the age of 15 or so, depending on the kid.  I wouldn’t have wanted The Boy to be exposed to it, although he has watched many movies I probably shouldn’t have let him watch, and Daughter J. was recently baptized and is very church-y at this point, and wouldn’t have appreciated it anyway.  Just FYI.  And also, it was VERY cold in the theater.  Daughter S. was wearing shorts and she was ready to pull her knees up under her shirt before it was over.


Up Next:  First Sea Day!


Until next time,



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