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Allure Trip Journal Part 4: First Night’s Dinner and Our First Cruise Show! June 7, 2012

Hello all!  The Saga Continues…



We arrived at the MDR (Deck 4, if you’re interested) a little early and there was a crowd waiting for the doors to open.  I had seen pictures of this phenomenon on… ahem…a different line’s board, but I didn’t realize it happened on Royal.  I don’t know why I thought this- maybe I had just never heard people mention waiting for the doors to open at dinner.  It wasn’t the ‘waiting for the doors to open’ part that made me feel a little disconcerted, it was the crowd.  Here was an example of one of those supposedly few moments on the Oasis class where you felt the crowding.  But it should be noted that this only occurred on the first night.  (I’m assuming on that night everyone wanted to be on time, and also that perhaps more people went to the MDR on the first night than on subsequent nights.)


Anyway.  Once the doors opened, the crowd dispersed pretty quickly and we went to our table (#403, if you’re interested.  Our waitstaff:  Head waiter- Cesar, Waiter- Dalton, Assistant Waiter- Silvestre).  It’s kind of a funny thing, but we ended up in the same places at the table every night.  We automatically sat every evening in the same spots we did on the first night.  So we met the aforementioned Dalton and Silvestre, and they were really nice.  Dalton was very friendly and chatted, especially with my son, calling him My Boy every time he talked to him, giving him the Fist Bump every time Adam shared some fascinating bit of information with him.  On later evenings when The Boy was displaying his usual tendency toward occasional surliness, Dalton was very engaging with him and usually managed to get him to smile.


Of course, I had already scoped out the menu ahead of time and I knew I was definitely interested in trying the Vidalia Onion Tart as an appetizer.  The kids didn’t bother with appetizers, of course.  I enjoyed the tart, but it wasn’t quite as Wow-inducing as I expected.  It seemed just a little bland.  Again, I did like it, but after reading about it for so long, I was underwhelmed.  (Please note, I am the farthest thing from a food snob there could ever be- you surely can’t get to be as overweight as I was, with a picky, discriminating palate.  This is in no way a huge criticism of Royal’s food.  I ate it, I enjoyed it, and my WW weigh-in proved it.  But I will admit to being less than impressed with the tastes and flavors I tried during the week.  Again, I would not rate them as low as other people I’ve read from my sailing.  They just weren’t as amazing as I expected.)


Ok, enough of that.  Daughter S. and The Boy both had the pasta selection from the Alternative Menu Selections and Daughter J. chose the grilled chicken.  Remember I said they were all about habit and repetitiveness when it came to food?  This was the beginning of a trend that would continue throughout the week.  The Boy mixed it up a little, but if we were in the MDR, Daughter S. was having pasta!  Yes, I am a little chagrined that they aren’t more adventurous about trying new foods and acquiring new tastes.  I was hoping they’d be more open-minded on this trip, but alas.  Indeed, I originally planned that I would order for everybody every night so that I could try it all myself, and if they didn’t like it, there was always Sorrentos.  The WJ buffet, however, would later come to play an important role in their dining experience later in the week!


For dessert I had the sponge cake, which was good, and The Boy tried the chocolate cherry cake, which he quickly dismissed as being bitter. (He’s from Oklahoma and he’s 11- his appreciation for chocolate comes solely from Hershey.  What can you say, right?)  I don’t think the girls bothered with dessert either, although J. might have had some sherbet or vanilla ice cream.


During the dinner itself, we got our first big taste (pardon the pun) of the feeling of the ship’s movement and the beginnings of seasickness.  We didn’t feel sick, exactly, (except for Daughter J.- I ordered her a Sprite with her dinner) but we definitely just felt loopy and drunk.  The Boy enjoyed laughing about that, and pretending that he was, in fact, drunk. (Don’t worry- he doesn’t actually know what it feels like.)  We all had a few giggles.  Finally, we ended the meal and said goodnight to Dalton.  Before we left the table, The Boy expressed to me that we definitely needed to leave Dalton a tip, because he was a lot of fun.  I skimmed over the whole ‘ship’s gratuities’ tradition, and promised him that we would most certainly give Dalton a tip at the end of the cruise.  The Boy can be so sweet at times like these.  : )


My recollection of exact events gets a little blurry here.  Probably what happened was that the girls went back to the room for a bit and The Boy and I went exploring again.   (Or possibly I went exploring by myself) but in my actual journal from the trip it says that I walked the decks, walked the walking track, checked to see if OceanAria would still be on, and found that it was.  I collected the kids from the room, and we went to our first cruise show-  OceanAria!  It was really amazing.  The athleticism and grace of those performers is so incredible.  We enjoyed the Funny Guy who got the crowd warmed up at the beginning.  He is supposed to look all clumsy and silly, but he’s probably one of the best athletes in the show.  Note here:  I agree with previous reviews I’ve read that there is absolutely no perceivable story-line to this show, just a sort of a theme of a primitive, underwater society.  (That happens to spend a lot of time diving, bouncing, and swinging on things that hang from the sky.)  It still rocks, and it’s worth watching.


After OA, we went back to Boardwalk (again!) and they rode the carousel (again!).  I think this might have been the first time I rode it with them.  Then we went back to the room for a bit, and Daughter J. and The Boy took full advantage of the Dreamworks programming on TV (another of their trends for the week). and Daughter S. and I- well, I took my daughter clubbing.  Because of a variety of indoctrinated religious and parental stuff, I did feel some slight sense of guilt or ambivalence about this, although I really enjoyed it.

We had planned on hitting up what is billed in the Compass as the Traffic Light Singles Party, where you get a cool little glow-y glass with the color that reflects your relationship status- Green = single, Red = unavailable, and Yellow = It’s complicated.  This party was held in Blaze, and we finally found it, went in, sat down, and discussed what beverage we wanted.  We decided on Virgin Margaritas.  I went to the bar, ordered them, and received… no glow-y glass!  😦  Oh well.  Such is life.  We sat there and watched the dancers and sipped our drinks.  I don’t think she liked hers all that much.  (Later she would discover a flavor that she found “de-lish-us, fo’ rizzle!”  Yeah, she just talks that way sometimes, I dunno.)


So since both of us either a)can’t dance worth a flip (me) or b)wouldn’t show off our groovy, quirky moves in front of strangers if our lives depended on it (her), we finished our drinks and split.  I was interested in checking out Jazz On 4, and so was she, so we did.  It was a really cool, vibe-y little venue that would have made a great place to hang out and chill, but unfortunately we found the woman singer’s voice to be… um… not particularly pleasing.  (Ok, we thought we could have sung better and if we had to listen to her very much longer, we might stick forks in our ears.  I just didn’t want to say it like that.)


So we left after about 3 minutes, and grooved on down to the Karaoke Club.  Success!!!  We had found our Mother Ship!  We sat there and watched and enjoyed the atmosphere as we listened to the performers.  There was one girl who we thought seemed totally cool and talented (an African-American girl with short braids- we said hi to her later and told her we were big fans.)  We really love the idea of singing karaoke (in fact, we had a big K party for the girls’ 18th b-day in November, and it was too much fun) but in this instance we were too shy to give it a go, and in any case it was almost closing.  Among other memorable attempts, we watched the guy who sang Sexual Healing and ended up on the Cruise DVD, and after the final performances we went back to the room and she crashed while I got ready for our port stop in Nassau the next day.


Until next time,



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