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Allure Trip Journal Part 3: Moron Moments, Embarkation, and Sailaway! June 7, 2012

Hello all!!  And we continue again…


Now then, here is where I had the first of several of what I call my Moron Moments!  When we got out of the cab and paid the driver, ($16 with tip, if you’re interested) it seemed like sheer chaos, despite the assurances of folks here on CC that there would be plenty of assistance and direction regarding where to go and with whom to leave your luggage.  Being the small-town person that I am, I had no idea whether there were any “unauthorized” porters hanging around, or what they might look like if there were, and wasn’t sure whether to give our bags to the first person who asked, or just hang onto them a little longer.  So when the first porter asked, I said no, we’ll keep them with us.  What I thought was we would get asked several more times before we made it inside.  But… we didn’t.  We dragged all our bags inside and went through security (As an aside, when I handed the first agent our BCs/DLs, Daughter S. said “Calm down, Mom, you’re shaking!!”)  Then we went through check-in and all, STILL LUGGING OUR BAGS!!  I think I might have even asked somebody after we got our pictures made if there was anybody to leave the luggage with before boarding, and they basically said we were stuck with it.


So we had our pictures made, walked the gangway, and (hallelujah chorus) we were finally, really, truly onboard the Allure of the Seas.  It was real, after all my months of planning and obsessing- we were actually there.  It was big, it was beautiful, and we could not begin to explore it until we could ditch our bags, so the kids plopped down in some comfy chairs under a tree in the middle of Royal Promenade and finished their Pop Tarts while I went here and there taking care of business, like getting our SeaPass cards punched, asking for a map, etc.  NOTE:  They did not give us a map of any kind at check-in, and nobody said anything about The Boy needed a wristband, being 11 years old.  When reading CC, I had understood these things would happen at check-in, and they didn’t.  No big deal, just pointing it out.


The girls weren’t interested in going ANYWHERE until we were luggage-free, but my little man is always ready to see what’s going on, so he and I went to Central Park.  After reading on Cruise Critic (CC) the many rave reviews and drooling reports of that famous Roast Beef Sandwich, there was no way in heck I was going to miss out on this Embarkation Experience, even if I had to carry my luggage through the park on my head.  I didn’t have to go that far, of course, because I had little slaves… uh, teenagers to sit there and watch it for me.  We joined the line of chaos that was Park Café (two lines- salad v. sandwiches, if you’re interested.  I guess if you want both, you’re screwed! 🙂 )  I had one Roast Beef and one Turkey and Guacamole Panini.  Holy cats, it was as good as advertised!  I could eat those every single day!  That horseradish is not something I eat in everyday life, but it definitely added a kick to the sandwich.  That stuff will clear your sinuses, let me tell ya!


Finally, it was after 1:00, and The Boy and I returned to the girls, to find them hot, tired, and bored silly.  We went to find our room (Again, Deck 3 #838, if you’re interested.) Desmond was our stateroom attendant, and he was very friendly.  We ditched the luggage, a couple of us changed into swimsuits, and we hit the Boardwalk, which of course was one of the things the kids were most looking forward to… (musically) Carousellllll!  We tried the Boardwalk Dog House (The Boy had a Coney Island and I had a German dog, not a dachshund.  We left those at home.)  Then we hit the ice cream parlor.  It would turn out to be the only time we went there all week.  It was very good, but they were happy with the free offerings elsewhere.  I had Mint Chocolate Chip, one of the girls tried the Mango Sherbet, and The Boy had… what else?  Chocolate.)  They rode the carousel ( I think I still felt too silly at this point to get on it yet, but they would eventually insist that I join them before the week was out, and I decided it was worth it.)


So we decided to hit the pool deck.  Daughter J. and The Boy swam.  Daughter S. found a lawn chair and demonstrated proper Vacation Relaxation Mode.  Eventually we found the yogurt machine and I ordered my first Mama Drink of the trip.  (Frozen Lemonade, if you’re interested.  In my best Cousin Eddie Griswold voice:  It was goo-oood! :D)


Then I got bored watching them swim and made them get out and we breezed through the Promenade and hit the Cupcake Cupboard, that being what Daughter S. was looking forward to most.  Sadly, she was disappointed.  Somehow she described the cupcakes as “weird-tasting and too fancy” but I could have slept in there!  My first cupcake was Lemon.  Personally, I thought they were great.  Seems like they were always on the cool side, temperature wise, but I’d rather have a cold cupcake than a hot, melty cupcake so hey, I was fine with them.


We returned to the room, unpacked a little, and went to Muster Drill.  Our station was in the Promenade, right where the Embarkation gangway was.  Seemed like most people were quiet and respectful during the video, and we stood around waiting to be officially dismissed and it never seemed to happen, so people just drifted away!


At some point earlier, I had made it a point to locate my intended sailaway spot, Deck 11 aft, Port side.  So after Muster we went straight there, and the view was awesome!  It was great fun, Daughter J. watching the Dreamworks party and complaining about wanting to be down there in the Aqua Theater, but I told her she could see it just fine and there would be plenty more opportunities to see the characters, so suck it up, because we’re not going anywhere right now!  (Daughter J. is the one who is developmentally delayed, and the Dreamworks program was high on her list of priorities for this trip.  Most particularly the How To Train Your Dragon character of Hiccup.  Remember this- there’s a story about this later.


So finally we realized the ship and started moving, and we were all, “Oh my gosh, we’re moving!  We’re sailing!  Auuugggghhhh!”  And then…  it started raining.  It was amazing how cold that rain was.  We and a few other hearty souls who had staked out that spot stayed there and waited to pass the Webcam Building.  (Rain be damned, I had requested a SailAway wave, and I was going to be there, just in case.  (Sure enough, I watched it when we got home, and you can’t see us clearly, but it’s a blur of blue at the back with the bits of white that was our shorts and pants, bobbing up and down as we jumped and waved frantically.)


And so, sailaway happened and we were underway.  Daughter J. was freezing and it was almost time to go to dinner.  We were already feeling the movement of the ship, which, given the size of the thing, came as a total surprise to us, but which we now realize was a little more than normal, according to experienced cruisers who were there.  So on our way to supper we located a restroom, washed our hands, etc.  (Daughter S. is a bit of a germaphobe – she was in heaven with sanitizer dispensers so widely available. :D)


We had also checked out our table location at some point earlier in the day, and wouldn’t you know- we were right in front of the door.  I mean, the VERY first table you see when you walk in.  This could have distinct plusses and minuses.  For sure, one plus would be if The Boy started acting like a heathen during dinner, I could take him out and beat him quickly and easily.  On the minus side, we were immediately visible to everybody who walked in the room, whether we were behaving well or poorly.  (And I count myself in that behavior thing, because sometimes when it’s a good moment, our family tends to get silly and get the giggles, and I could just see us getting cracked up about something and everybody looking at us like we were completely uncouth.)


This post is already way too long, so I think I’ll cut it off here.  Up next, our first night’s dinner and first port day- Nassau!

Until next time,



2 Responses to “Allure Trip Journal Part 3: Moron Moments, Embarkation, and Sailaway!”

  1. Martha Says:

    Hi, My husband and I went on the Allure in 2013 for a work conference (it was tough, so tough) I had always wanted to go on a cruise and we fell into this opportunity and I felt so blessed. We had so many moments we would say “The girls would love this” “The boy would love this” “mammy would love this” that we decided we would do whatever it took to get them on a trip.
    I also have twin girls (they turned 19 on 2/14/95) They are seniors this year, they have delays and other issues as well.
    My son will be 14 in July.
    So, our trip in April 2015 will be of pretty close ages to what your family had on your trip.
    I love your blog.
    Thank you for all your insight, it is so especially relevant for us. You rock.

    • Hi, Martha! Thank you so much for reading. I am glad you found my blog and are enjoying it and my cruise report. That was truly the trip of a lifetime for us. I wish I had had the financial ability to start making those memories for them when they were younger, but I am thankful I was able to do it when I did. Let me know if you need any advice or tips on trip planning with a herd of kiddos. You will love it! Thanks again for reading, and best of luck!

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