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My Kids’ Graduation and A Dream Vacation: The Ultimate One-Two Punch! May 18, 2012

Pre-School Graduation!!!

These aren’t my daughters, but this is how big they should still be! Congratulations to my beautiful girls!!

Hello all!  Again, with the two months between posts!  I’m a sad excuse for a blogger, what can I say?  Things have gotten pretty surreal, pretty fast.  My twin daughters, my baby girls, those two beings I just gave birth to, what, 5 minutes ago?  They graduate from high school tonight.  Yeah.  Graduate.  High school.  Gowns, tassels, all of that.   I’m feeling ok right now, but hopefully I won’t be too over-emotional tonight.  I’ll get back to you after 7 p.m. Central time.


Oh, the other surreal thing is that in 9 days I will be on the biggest cruise ship in the world, Royal Carribean‘s Allure of the Seas.  Nine days, man!  That just blows the mind.  I booked this trip over a year ago, and it’s finally here.  I’ve done so much plotting and planning and daydreaming!  I’ve researched and made lists, and yes, spent a bundle on extras like ‘Formal Night’ clothes (and the undergarments needed for said clothes.)  I’ve stocked up on camera batteries and sunblock, I’ve budgeted for photos and tours and fruity drinks. 😀  Now it’s just a matter of getting there.  Thank GOD for my mother, who in all her magnanimousness is taking us to the airport, because her *cough*almost 40-yr old*cough* daughter is too big a chicken to attempt driving in Dallas-Ft.Worth!   (To be fair, my car really isn’t in any good shape for a road-trip to Dallas, so that’s part of the reason.  And yes, car repair and improvement is next on my spending list.  Right after celebrating graduation with the kids.)


So anyway.  Busy life, happy life.  Everything changes.  The week after we get home from the trip, my baby sister is getting married.  A couple weeks after that, we have a family reunion to attend.  And somewhere in there I have to find time to gather a ton of paperwork for applications that should have been filled out long before now:  financial aid for Daughter S., Vocational Rehabilitation for Daughter J., and online public school for The Boy.  (More on that one later.)


Look for my next post to be a full review of the cruise, complete with pictures.  It will probably show up in about 3 months!  (Not really.  I’ll get it out sooner, I promise!)  Wish me non-teary eyes tonight and then in a week it’s Sailaway time!  🙂  Wooo hoooooo!


Until next time,



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