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Yes, In Fact I WAS Kidnapped By Aliens, and I Just Got Back Into Town! March 19, 2012

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Hello all!  I absolutely cannot believe that in my last post I asked you to watch for my upcoming post that would continue my tradition of a New-Year themed post, identifying a theme for the year, looking back, looking forward, that kind of thing, and y’all… that’s been THREE MONTHS ago!!!  Is is just me, or does life get away from us?  (That doesn’t sound nearly as good an explanation or excuse as the alien thing, does it?)


I mean, it’s not like I had anything really new and exciting to share.  Things are the same.  The job, the kids, plans for the cruise- all those are going fine.  Well, not completely.  There are still times when I worry about The Boy, and all the fabulous choices he makes at school, like not doing his work, talking back to his teacher, and threatening immediate violence against any kid who peeves him off.  And there are times when I worry about Daughter J., and what she’ll be able to do in life with her developmental delays and difficulties, and what is the best choice for her.  And I worry about Daughter S., who has amazing talents and abilities, but no real idea of where she wants to go or what she wants to do, and little or no confidence in her amazing-ness.  Raising kids!  Who knew?  I look back to when I was growing up, and all I wanted to do was sing and be a mom.  I didn’t really think about a “real world” career or exactly what you sign up for when you bring those little beasties home from the hospital.  But the reality is, I’m not responsible for what they make of their lives.  I am responsible for giving them the tools to make something.  I can’t manipulate the universe so that they will be happy, or successful, or any of that.  All I can do is show them how to live on their own and function in society, and then it’s all in their hands.  They have to choose their paths and then walk them.  I can set them an example, but I can’t make them become what I want them to be, or what I think they should be.  That’s what you might call Tough To Take.


The battle continues as well in other aspects of my life that I’ve talked about previously- the weight loss/fitness thing, for example.  I have hit a rough patch.  I have become somehow complacent or something, and I cannot seem to maintain consistency in my efforts for more than a week at a time.  I do really well on Weight Watchers for a week and then I slack off.  Then I get mad and try to get tough again, and I lose weight that week and slack off again.  And so it goes.  I have been gaining and losing in the same 5lb range for literally months now, bobbing like a cork in the water.  I participated in a fitness challenge at the gym where my sister is a fitness instructor, and in 8 weeks I only lost 5 lbs and 0.78 percent body fat.  Not really the result I wanted to have, but it was nobody’s fault but mine.  My motivation wasn’t what it should have been going into it.  Timing did play a small role, as I was recovering from a dislocated kneecap when the challenge started, and I was afraid to push myself with exercise.  But still, I just didn’t throw my heart and soul into it like I could have.


I’m still fighting, though.  Still going to Weight Watchers meetings, and I have just recently recommitted to the whole exercise thing.  I slacked off going to Turbo classes right about the time I switched jobs (end of October!) and just last week started back full time.  I am trying NOT to stress about the fact that I bought a gorgeous, beautiful, dreamy yellow dress to wear on formal night on the cruise, and I cannot actually wear it yet, and the cruise is now 69 days away.   But I am, as I said, recommitting my efforts to healthy eating and exercise, and hopefully in the next 10 weeks I can get my act together.


So I guess that’s a wrap for now.  I definitely plan on improving the frequency with which I update here, but because of various computer/internet issues at home, I can only do that when I’m not busy at work.  It’s been so long since I updated, I didn’t even realize they had changed the layout for the ‘New Post’ screen, and may I just say… not loving it!  But.  We shall overcome, as always, and this too shall pass, and stiff upper lip, pip pip tally ho, cuppa sugar and all that.  Peace out, Peeps!


Until next time,



ETA:  I do not know WHAT screen I was in initally, but I pushed a button, thought I lost the whole post, and then found the place I’d always added posts from before, so Pay No Attention to that last paragraph.  It was post-traumatic stress from the alien encounter!



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