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The Time Is Now. August 5, 2011

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Hello all.  After posting my last two entries detailing the race in all its muddy glory, I am using my little bloggy world here to share another thing I am doing that is very much a leap of faith.  As all my real-world friends know, even though I work at a UPS Store, I’m actually a certified teacher.  A certified teacher who had a first year of teaching after graduation in December 2007 which was difficult in and of itself, but which culminated in a tornado, a fire, a job resignation and a marital separation, all within the space of two months.  Suffice to say, I was battle-scarred and very scared and unprepared to give teaching another try. 


But I’m a different person now.  I’m different physically and I’m different mentally.  I have struggled financially and emotionally for the last two years with the aftermath of my first year of teaching, and I am ready to take a leap of faith.  The idea won’t get out of my head.  The desire to teach is there.  So even though I’m a little nervous and scared about this, (Ok, a LOT!) I am submitting an application and resume to Ardmore High School today.  They pushed the start of school back, in part because of the insane heat, but mostly because they are still desperately short on teachers!  One of the teachers there, with whom I did some of my observations in college, talked to my friend from work the other day, and begged and pleaded with her to tell me to apply, ASAP.  And so… before I go to work today, I am going to take my application to the admin office and drop it off.  And tell it to Go With God.  🙂


I am trusting that whatever happens will be God’s will for me.  If that’s where He wants me to be, I’ll get it, and if it’s not, I won’t.  Obviously, I’ll put my best effort into it and everything, but I will trust in Greater Powers for the outcome.  Interviews are difficult for me- as I said on Facebook earlier today, I get all nervous and turn into a cross between Forest Gump and The Other Sister!!  So if I get an interview, pray for me to be calm, cool, and collected and to remember how to talk like a normal person!


Thanks for your support!

Until next time,



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