The Therapy Journals of the Fat-Headed Klingon Woman

One woman's journey to becoming Her True Self

Miley Cyrus Immersion/Aversion Therapy and Other Tortures July 20, 2011

Hello all.  Let me start off by saying I’m NOT a Miley-hater.  I’ll just get that out on the table right off the bat, because the title of tonight’s post could be somewhat misleading.  I just chose that as the name for what I’m doing at this very moment.  (Besides blogging.)  Ok, backstory.  I had listened to one of her songs on my way to work this morning, and then a few hours ago when I got home from church, that same song was still stuck in my head.  So I thought the only way to get that song out of my head is to just pull up iTunes and listen to it, right?  So I did that, and then I just let it continue to play all her songs that we have in our library.  Daughter J. was a big fan at one time.  Yeah.  There’s a lot.  So I figure I’ll either get it all out of my system or I’ll drive myself nuts and wind up in an institution. 


I’m kidding.  I don’t have a problem with the girl.  I actually enjoy most of her songs, even from her Hannah Montana days.  Ok, so I don’t have very discerning taste in music!  Moving on.  The other tortures I was going to talk about have sort of resolved themselves.  I was hungry but didn’t feel like eating.  I realize this doesn’t sound much like torture, but when you’re “doing Weight Watchers” and you know you’re supposed to be eating healthy, you hate to just take the quickest, easiest thing if it’s not going to be both healthy and satisfying.  I finally did have some tuna spaghett leftovers Daughter S. made, followed by some grapes for dessert, and it was a good meal.  I just have no idea how to track it.  Tracking is its own special torture.  I always know that if I don’t do it, I won’t have a good loss, because I am NOT a good estimater.  Speaking of my loss, this week’s loss brings me to (drumroll……) 111.5 lbs since January 2010.  Not a typo.  One hundred eleven.  I’m excited and pleased and proud, but I also have to repeat the feat, as I still have just under that much to lose to get to my goal.  So daunting, but also not, because I’m halfway there.


Back on the topic of tortures, I discovered an old message I had overlooked on a popular social networking site that made me want to run my mouth and tell people off and make a donkey of myself again.  That urge is particularly torturous because this is a 17 year-old child we’re talking about, and it is completely pointless and futile and definitely nonproductive.  Teenage drama.  Oy.  I hope I outgrow it someday!  Maybe choosing not to respond to the aforementioned message in any way (except mentioning it here) is a step in that direction. 


Another torture that’s not really a torture, but gives me something to talk about, is the adventure run/mud run/warrior dash 5k I’ve got coming up- The Dirty 30.  It’s Saturday, July 30.  I’ve never done a 5k before, let alone one that includes mud and obstacles!  I can’t wait to see what it’s like, but I’m also nervous.  I’m particularly concerned about the obstacles.  Wondering if I’ll be able to get through, over, under, and past them without bodily injury or humiliation.  My counselor said I should go to the local park and climb things.   Any things!  Things that involve the upper body.  Just for practice, you know.   I’ve only got a week and a half, so I’d better get climbing if I expect it to do any good. 


So anyway.  Lots of angst-y things going on in my head right now- things from the past, things from the present, things from the future.  All tenses covered.  Just stuff.  Nothing really bloggable.  (Is that a new word?  Probably not.)  So I guess for now I’ll just say we’ve made it through the entire catalog of Miley tunes in my library and have now graduated to Lady Gaga.  That means it’s time to cut this short and go to bed!


Until next time,



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