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Weddings, Williams, and Water Heaters June 25, 2011


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Hello all!  Today has actually gone pretty smoothly, for the most part.  The Second Person I Used To Be Married To came and picked up myself and Daughter J. this morning so that I could go to work and she could go to Campfire Day Camp.  I went to work, I packed, I shipped, I mailed, I faxed, I wired.  We closed early so that we could go to the wedding I mentioned previously. 


All during the ceremony, I felt really guilty about my perpetual negativity from last night.  I was really happy for my friend.  She is happy, she looked beautiful, and I am extremely hopeful that their marriage will be a good one.  I was sure it would be one of those weddings where the couple are both super-emotional and crying from beginning to end, ’cause that’s just how they are.  It started out that way, what with Groom Greg tearing up when the bridesmaids’ music started and plucking Kleenex from his pocket before they ever opened the door for the bride.  She managed to keep it together though- walking down the aisle on her dad’s arm, it looked like it was all she could do to keep from busting into a sprint.  She looked joyful, and I think that more than anything else helped him, as he later put it, “find the faucet and turn off the waterworks.”  


I sat with all the rest of the people I work with and for… my boss and his wife and sons on one side, my formerly-known-as Crazy Co-Worker and her son on the other.  It was actually quite weird, because the last time all of us were in a church together was when they closed the store early so they could come to MY wedding!  I wondered if they were were thinking of that at all, and if they were drawing comparisons as to the differences in the two couples and the odds of survival for this newest marriage.  I hoped not.  But I was.  That was the basis for my crappy attitude last night, I think; I just felt the weight of perceived Failed-ness and felt somewhat crushed under it.  But later it was funny- after the wedding was over, my boss’s wife gushed, “I just love weddings!  Don’t you just love the romance and happiness!? I want to get married again, don’t you?!”  I just blathered unthinkingly something about “Oh yes, it was lovely!  She just looked beautiful!”  But on the way out to my aunt’s house to pick up the van, The Second Person I Used to Be Married To was listening to me relate the story, and I suddenly realized that my answer to that question should have been along the lines of Robin Williams‘ comedy routine about Scotsmen and Golf, where he’s explaining the origin of the game and a drunken Scot is explaining his idea about the 18 holes, and the other guy goes,  “Oh, and you do this one time?” and Robin goes  “F*** NO!” 


What I love about me and him is that we can still laugh at that.  Which we did.  Then we went and got the van and returned to my house to see if we could re-light the water heater pilot after I turned it off as per the instructions on the bug foggers.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t seem to get it re-lit, which made me cranky in the extreme.  Further, I found we still had fleas, so after I had wasted a half-dozen matches trying to light the stupid pilot, I gave up and decided to set off the two remaining foggers and go spend another night at Mom and Dad‘s house, even though they are currently somewhere in TEXAS! 


And that is where I remain, currently being tortured by my children’s television programming choices.  (NickToons, anyone??)  I guess we’ll stay here again tonight, but I’ll probably zip back over to the house later to collect some church clothes for all of us, because if I don’t, I won’t want to go in the morning and we’ll end up missing church.  I’d hate to do that.  I’m sure God expects me to go to church if I expect Him to help me find a way to get my car fixed and still get our passports and go on our cruise next year!   (Yeah, yeah, I know God’s not a ‘You scratch my back, I scratch yours’ kinda guy.) 


So anyway.  I’m off to go eat a store-bought frozen pizza that’s probably not conducive to my dieting efforts, what with the coma-inducing amounts of sugary wedding cake and punch I ate today, but I’m gonna eat it anyway.  Surely 4 days a week of Turbo is worth SOMETHING!!!


Until next time,



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