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When Reese’s Attack… March 27, 2011

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Hello all.  Sweet success!  I was able to stay off the computer at home for a week!  No message boards, no checking prices on cruises, no eBay, no Facebook (except on my phone).  Unfortunately, this also translated to:  no tracking my Weight Watchers online, which sucks, because I never track on paper for more than a day or two after the meeting, which means I overdo things and will probably gain again this week!  Major suck-ness!  (If I could caption the photo here, I would call it My Evil Nemesis!)


Also unfortunately, the week without computers did not have the desired effect of all of us getting off our royal butts and getting the house clean.  I left the kids notes every day for when they got home from school.  They like to think they did what they were told, but the truth is that they did just enough to keep me from ripping their heads off for non-compliance when I got home from work, but definitely not enough to qualify as a fully invested, whole-hearted effort to do what they were told.  And were they punished?  No, because I am weak and pathetic.  They always have some plausible excuse or reason for not getting things completely done, or they weren’t home after school because Grandma had to pick them up and take them somewhere, so I couldn’t get mad at them.  Further, * I * was always out of the house in the hours before I had to go to work, always in town running around getting one thing or another done, and I didn’t get any darn housework done either.  I hate getting onto them for not doing what I’m not making myself do.  It doesn’t seem fair, but them not doing what I tell them to and not getting punished for it isn’t fair to anybody either, right?


And yes, I realize I am ALWAYS whining about this same topic, but it’s just not getting any better and I don’t know what to do!  Getting rid of the electronics on weeknights didn’t seem to help much.  I know I have to give it more time, that maybe this was just an exceptionally busy week, but the next few don’t look to be any slower!  Oh well.  Maybe I have to accept that my house will always look like a herd of rabid rhinos just ran through it, and that I will never have a garage that I can actually use for car storage, and that my kids will always half-a** everything as long as I continue to let them get away with it!


All this week I was trying to take mental notes of fun, entertaining things to write about during my allotted blogging time, but nothing really good has presented itself.  I made cookies from a health-food store recipe today.  I doubt the kids will eat them.  I think they’re good, myself, but the kids’ taste buds ought to be working for the CIA.  They can spy out non-junk ingredients in anything, and they generally refuse to try anything reasonably healthy without a fight. 


I have blown WW with a giant bazooka today.  The little beasties wanted to rent a movie and get pizza after church this morning.  Went to Hastings with the intention of renting a $3 movie, and instead spent $20, including candy for everyone and a $4 late charge!  I bought a dark chocolate Reese’s peanut butter cup and some Reese’s block thing, and ate the first in the car on the way home and the second during the movie.  *AFTER* I ate half a medium pizza.  It was thin crust supreme, so there was some virtue to it, but still.  Four pieces and I sneaked one piece of the kids’  pan crust cheese!  I need an intervention.  Friends and family, surrounding me with love, support, and pliers and wire for my jaws.  The movie was Megamind, btw, and it was really good!  Very funny. 


Then this evening, we went to a church thing at a neighboring town’s congregation and they served a meal afterwards- hot dogs and chips.  I skipped the bun, but I ate two hot dogs and a lot of chips, chili, and bean dip.  I guess I have to just forgive myself and move on.  Start planning for tomorrow.  The scale is going to do what it’s going to do, and although in theory I have control over it, sometimes it feels like I don’t.  But I was good most of the week and I went to Turbo and PiYo this week, so hopefully an indulgent weekend won’t negate that completely.  SIGH!!!  Well, I’m off to make the kids get to bed and put away the electronics for another week.  Wish me luck.


Until next time,



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