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A Trunkful of Christmas, Traditions, and Getting Over It! December 24, 2010

Cover of "Osmond Family Christmas"

Cover of Osmond Family Christmas

Hello all!  This post will be entirely dedicated to Christmas stuff.  Right now, I am happy.  Despite the fact that I will have a couple of hours’ worth of wrapping to do tomorrow night.  Why tomorrow night?  I have this weird, wonderful Christmas habit.  I don’t know when I started doing it, but I guess it originated when the girls were little and this was the only way to keep them from snooping and finding Christmas presents.  What I did was to keep everything I bought for the kids in the trunk of the car.  I would drive around with all their presents in the trunk until Christmas Eve night, and when they were in bed, I would go outside in the cold and haul everything in, wrap it, put it under the tree, fill their stockings, and take a picture of everything before I finally fell into bed.  Now the girls are old enough not to believe in Santa Claus, although The Boy remains stubbornly determined to claim belief.   I still do it every year, though.  Earlier today, I was remembering one year when I couldn’t find a single pair of scissors in the whole house, so in true redneck style, I cut all the wrapping paper for the presents with a kitchen knife!!


Wait, what was I saying?  Oh, right.  I’m happy.  I survived another Christmas shipping season at The UPS Store.  Yesterday was the first slow day we’ve had in two weeks.  Today was even slower.  I was supposed to have to work tomorrow, but the bosses told us we could take off.  My co-workers and I exchanged gifts today.  (Well, my best work-friend and I did.  Crazy Co-Worker gave the two of us a ziploc baggie of candy to share, which, after tasting, I am completely sure was left over from her kid’s Halloween stash!)  Anyway.  Sweetie J. and I exchanged presents, and I also gifted Crazy Co-Worker, which made me feel quite benevolent and magnanamous.  I got them both fuzzy socks, Christmas kitchen towels, a knitted hat and gloves, and candy.  I don’t know exactly when I decided to buy CCW a present or two.  I guess it was just something I had to do.  I had been so sure that she had backstabbed me a couple of weeks ago, but then this week I started questioning it, wondering if I could have been wrong, and decided that even if she DID do what I thought she did, I can only feel sorry for someone who is so miserable that they have to try to mess up other people’s lives, and too, I can be the bigger person, and keep my side of the street clean.  At first I just wanted to pound her into kibble.  I was hurt and angry at this perceived, assumed injury from her, and at the insult added to it of my boss not being willing to do anything about it.  But I saw some evidence this week that maybe she didn’t do what I thought she did, and even if she did do it, it didn’t cause any major damage, and maybe I can just operate on the assumption that the poor girl has multiple personalities!  So yeah, feeling good about myself for deciding to get over it! 


In addition to that, I also sent a message apologizing to the person I mentioned in the previous entry, upon whom I unleashed a verbal smackdown that constituted a massive overreaction to a comment on Facebook.  After much second-guessing and re-analyzing, I decided I had made a total donkey of myself, and I just knew I owed her an apology.  I haven’t heard back from her yet.  That doesn’t surprise me.  I wouldn’t blame her if she told me to go f* myself, but we’ll see. 


I had planned on talking a little bit tonight about some of our family’s holiday traditions.  The funny thing about traditions is that eventually you have to break them, and then you never know what to expect from your holidays.  Our normal routine is that we spend Christmas eve together, open one gift (usually whichever one my mom wants us to have) and watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.   Then Christmas morning, we go over to my parents’ house after opening our gifts here at home, hang out all day, open the rest of our presents over there, and eat Christmas dinner.  So this year, everything is completely kerfuffled.  We are eating our Christmas dinner tomorrow night, opening aaaall the presents, and on Christmas day my sisters and I are on our own for dinner because my parents are leaving early in the morning to go see my grandpa.  We’ve got it covered, though.  We’re meeting at my middle sister’s house and making a good meal that will consist of ham, stuffing, broccoli-cheese-rice casserole, salad, and a variety of vegetables.   Healthy stuff, relatively speaking, because my sister is a fitness instructor, and she will be starting a new fitness challenge at her gym very soon. 


We’ve had other traditions that have fallen by the wayside.  For several years, it was our habit to go watch the local Christmas parade, which always took place on the first Saturday in December, then we’d go home to Mom’s, eat hot dogs and Frito chili pie for lunch, and decorate Mom’s house and tree.  When we were younger, Dad would climb on the house and put up the lights.  Later, my younger sister did it.  Also, Dad would sit in his rocking chair and supervise the decorating of the tree, telling us where we should place each ornament.  Eventually, he would fall asleep in his chair and we would decorate him and take a picture!  It was greatness.  


I was also happy to get in the mail today something that I ordered from Amazon.  It was a cd of a record album set I used to have when I was a kid- The Osmond Family Christmas album!  I LOVED that thing!  I would listen to it from about September to February, singing along and wishing I were on stage somewhere.  My parents were probably ready to bury it in the backyard by the time Christmas was over! I know I’m showing my age, but I so loved the Osmonds!  Donnie and Marie were the best! 


Well, I think that’s about it.  I’m still very much looking forward to my kids’ surprise tomorrow night. (It’s after midnight, so I guess technically it’s now ‘tonight.’ ) Either way, I can’t wait to see their faces!   

Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night!!

Until next time,



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