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A Long, Hard, Hungry Day, and a Big Number! December 14, 2010

Hello all.  This is the time of year when I frequently know what total exhaustion feels like.  Today was one of those days.  It was weigh-in day at Weight Watchers, so I didn’t eat breakfast.  (Yes, I know, bad habit that I need to work on changing.  Maybe later.)  I had WW, then went to my counseling session with the Golden Goddess.  Then I had to go straight to work, because I knew they were going to be swamped, as they were swamped all day yesterday. 


At this point I had two choices.  I could a) take my highly nutritious microwavable meal to work and heat it in the microwave there and eat it before clocking in (especially seeing that I wasn’t officially due to be there for almost an hour) or b) I could heat and eat in the counsellor’s office because she didn’t have anyone scheduled right after me today.  Well OBViously I wasn’t going to go sit there at work and calmly eat my lunch while the boss and my two co-workers were buried under with customers.  So I ate my lunch in the office and after stopping at a nearby convenience store to get a diet soda to take with me, I went to work. (and luckily for me, they had fresh fruit there, so I snagged an apple and a banana. I ate the banana on the way and saved the apple for later.) 


Turned out to be a good thing I stopped and got the fruit, because as tasty and healthful as my meal was (Healthy Choice Rosemary Chicken and Sweet Potatoes = Yummy!!!)  it was very light and only 4 points on WW, so it didn’t hold me too well to the end of the day.  Now granted, it was approximately 11:15 a.m. when I ate lunch, and I get out of work at approximately 6:00 p.m. so I guess it’s normal that I would be hungry before it was all over, no matter what I had eaten for lunch!   


So about halfway through the afternoon, I got so hungry I felt like I would be sick, so I went in the back room and snacked on the apple.  I only ate a few bites at a time between helping customers- just enough that I felt I could make it a little longer without hurling.  Oh, I also guzzled a Low Sodium V8 I had brought the day before, thinking that it might provide an energy boost.


But I guess we had just been too busy, and I had packed and shipped and carried and stacked way too many boxes, because when closing time came around… I was EXHAUSTED!  It was one of those times where I felt like it wouldn’t have taken much to make me cry just for the release of it.  So then here comes the icing on the cake- my mom brings the kids by, and The Boy is grouchy and cranky, Daughter S. is cranky because I am cranky, and Daughter J. is heartbroken because her friends are incredibly unfair and stupid! 


Anyway, Mom took them to their class. I finished work, waited for Mom to bring me The Boy, and then we killed time until the girls would be finished. (8:00 p.m.)  The Boy and I sat at McDonald’s, not eating, just using the playroom for a while.  Finally, we went to go pick up the girls and made it home.  (But not before we stopped BACK by McDonald’s and zoomed through the drive-thru, leaving one of our items there, necessitating me driving all the way back into town to get it, because its absence went unnoticed until we got home!)


I guess the attempted point of the whole story was just that we were extremely busy today, and I experienced severe blood sugar drop, and I was cranky and worn out and just wanted to cry, but I got home and fixed me a couple of sandwiches on reduced calorie bread, with deli-sliced turkey, fat free mayo, and lettuce, spinach, cucumber and guacamole.  They were darn good, and I was so proud of myself for not getting anything from McDonald’s, even though I was ravenous!


I guess it’s that kind of perserverance and determination that has allowed me to be able to say:  I HIT 80 LBS LOST AT WW THIS MORNING!!! 🙂  Oh yeah, go me!  Boo-yah!  I didn’t realize it until tonight when I was doing my online tracking, and I discovered that the receptionist at the meeting had calculated wrong, and I had actually hit the number!  I thought I was .8 shy of having lost 80 lbs, but I’ve actually lost 80.2.  Woo hooooooo!

Until next time,



2 Responses to “A Long, Hard, Hungry Day, and a Big Number!”

    • LenaDeeAnne Says:

      Hi Dingo! Thanks for reading! Yep, I’m pretty proud of myself. As tired as I am with how crazy work is, the one thing that’s certain is that I’d be a whoooole lot more tired if I were still carrying that weight! Hope things are going well for you!!

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